Baby Shower Cake – Girl in Bassinet

Create ruffles, flowers, bows and sleeping baby with ruffled bonnet and pacifier a few days ahead from ready-made Wilton fondant. Allow to airdry and harden.

Using about 3 1/2 boxes cake mix, make three 14 x 8 rectangular layers and one 9 x 2 hexagonal layer. Frost and stack the 3 layers with buttercream frosting.

Cut hexagonal layer in half, put halfs together with frosting and place cut side down on a small foil covered base for easy removal when cutting and serving cake.

Place hexagonal cake on top of layers at one end to form a hood for the bassinet. Insert 2 plastic dowel rods through the 3 layers and in back of “hood” for extra support.

Frost entire cake with buttercream frosting.

Baby Shower Cake   Girl in Bassinet

To make patterned quilt, let frosting set-up; dust a paper towel or napkin having an embossed pattern with cornstarch; place over firm frosting and gently rub to transfer pattern to frosting. Remove papertowel carefully.

Press a wooden skewer dipped in cornstarch into the frosting lengthwise to make quilt squares.

Attach rosebuds and small flowers with a dab of frosting. Pipe on small green leaves. Make pillow from small mound of frosting to place baby head on. Pipe quilt edge around baby and edges on pillow. Pipe edges around cake, gently press in ruffles around cake sides and around the edge of hood so it over hangs the baby’s head.

Attach fondant ribbons and bows and flowers to hood and sides of cake. Pipe on green leaves and a white border around the base of the cake.

Thank you to Darlene for showing us how it’s done. I appreciate that you shared your baby shower cake image.