Baby Shower Gifts – Ideas And Suggestions For Baby Shower Gifts

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Finding the ideal baby shower gift can take time, but with our help and recommendations, you will be able to easily choose the perfect gift.

You can stop searching the internet because we’ve done the searching for you! The sites we’ve chosen have an excellent variety of gifts and originality. Most people are looking for something unique to give as a gift, but it’s important for the gift to be useful as well.

The expectant mother will probably need a variety of items for her newborn, including jumpers, blankets, toys, diapers, bottles, etc. But within this selection, there is room for originality.

Here are a few ideas how to make gifts original and personalized:

  • Monogrammed jumpers and blankets
  • Handpainted educational toys
  • Diaper gift certificates
  • Diaper bags filled with wish list items
  • Silver plated cup with baby spruce
  • Handbound photo albums
  • Personalized quilts

If you aren’t sure what gift to buy, consider gift certificates. They allow the expectant mother to purchase exactly what she needs and give her time with her new baby before she uses the certificates.

Baby Shower Gifts   Ideas And Suggestions For Baby Shower Gifts

Most mothers-to-be receive a lot of baby shower gifts suitable for newborns, so why not consider giving a gift for a one or two year old? This helps the mother prepare for when her child is older and to lessen the burden of purchasing more items later on.

There are many baby shower theme gift ideas that make buying gifts easier. Speak with the hostess of the shower to see if any theme is planned or a registry list is available.

Gift baskets are a popular baby gift option for many guests. They can be made to order, bought as is, or you can make them yourself. If you are going to make one yourself, you have a lot of choices in regards to what you fill with gifts. For example:

  • baskets
  • metal buckets
  • baby bath tubs
  • diaper pails

The mother-to-be can also use these for holding facecloths, soaps, bath items, etc. once the gifts have been removed.

A nice touch to a metal container is to add a decorative layer of wrapping paper using decoupage glue and a waterproof sealant. This really turns a plain looking container into something beautiful, which can be used in the future.