Baby Shower Poem – Shades Of A Baby

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This is a baby shower poem I composed in honor of my two angels, Brianna and Alison.

Use the poem in a gift card if you’d like.

It would be appropriate to read this at a shower where the parents do not know the gender of the baby their expecting.

Baby Shower Poem   Shades Of A Baby

The Shades of A Baby

In bows of pink
or outfits of blue,
The baby I am
has a rainbow of hues.

For what e’er I be
when I arrive to you,
I’ll fill you with joy
the whole day through.

My cheeks will be rosy,
my eyes oh so blue.
To love me is simple,
so easy to do.

I’ll brighten your life
like a yellow sunbeam.
I’ll be all over the place!
So quick it will seem.

It’s soon I’ll be walking
and playing and talking.
No more of my coos,
gurgles or squawking.

So enjoy while it lasts,
the simple things I do.
Before your rosy-cheeked baby
has a different hue.

Author, Tara Lofley