Baby Slings: Which One to Buy?

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Baby slings are designed around the kangaroo concept, with mama carrying baby in a pouch.

Baby Slings: Which One to Buy?

What moms love about slings is that they’re incredibly lightweight — just a simple piece of fabric — yet so multi-functional. With a sling, you can carry a baby in every position imaginable, from cradle-hold to side-hold to back-carrying, all allowing mom to be close to baby, with her hands free. Baby slings are especially popular among breastfeeding moms, because the pouch allows mom to feed discreetly in public.

What to Look for in a Baby Sling

The best slings are unpadded, because they’re lightweight.

For example, with an unpadded sling, if the baby’s sleeping, you can take it off and lay the baby down right in the car seat or crib, without having to move or wake the baby, because the sling is just a light piece of cloth. This also makes it super easy to fold up and plop into a diaper bag any time.

Most slings can be used from birth to 30 or 35 pounds, making them longer lasting than other baby carriers.

 Baby Slings: Which One to Buy?

The Three Baby Slings I Recommend

  • The Hotsling ($41.95) One of the newest slings on the market, I recommend the Hotsling because it’s a bit easier to get the hang of than the older, traditional slings, which have rings that have to be adjusted for comfort.

    The Hotsling is basically a piece of strong, stretchy fabric that allows mom to carry the baby in a number of different positions. It comes in some cool patterns, too, which are sure to make it a hit with ultra-hip moms who like to be on the cutting edge.

  • The Sidecar Sling ($62.95)Another fabric-only sling, the Sidecar Sling can be used to carry baby in a variety of positions, from chest to hip. The fabrics are attractive and reversible: Each fabric choice has a pattern on one side and a solid on the other.

    Hot Tip: Choose the size of the sling based on the mom’s size, not the baby’s.

  • New Native Baby Sling($39.95) Easy to use, the New Native Baby Sling offers strong support to your back and neck, while still letting you wear the baby in front, on the side or in back.

    Made of a lightweight cotton twill, it won’t be sweaty for baby in the summer months, and it comes in a variety of colors.