Baby’s first bath

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Whether its baby’s first bath or little sister’s first bath today, follow these simple instructions.

Sponge bath newborns:

Sponge baths are safe and inexpensive way to bathe a newborn.

1. Plan for the bath and lay out all the items necessary for optimal efficiency and safety. Retrieve the baby only after a washcloth and towel, mild soap, cotton swabs, a clean diaper and clothes for after wards have been laid out.

2. Immerse a soft washcloth in warm, plain (less than 120 degrees, ideally 90-100) water and gently wash the baby’s face, removing any mucus from the eyes and nose.

Babys first bath

3. Rinse the cloth well and add a small amount of cleanser to the water and immerse and ring out the cloth. Gently wipe the baby, beginning at his or her head, down to the diaper area. Some cleansers are no-rinse, so check the product for rinsing details.

4. Gently rub the baby with the dry towel and clothe.