Backpacking Food Tips

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Backpacking food is one of the things I look forward to most when I am hiking. There is something about being out in the woods that drives your appetite wild. I enjoy planning every meal for my trip as well as all of my trail goodies.

Here you will find some excellent choices in backpacking food options. I personally like to mix and match some items for a nice variety. There are breakfast options and lunch/dinner options. I usually mix my lunch and dinner selections together. Either meal can be eaten whenever but I like to have my breakfast to be ‘breakfast’ foods. It’s your choice.

I encourage you to try different products to find out what your favorites are. Then you can have more fun planning out your backpacking meals in advance. Enjoy your food! Backpacking Food Tips

Planning and eating my backpacking meals is to me, one of the highlights of my hiking trips. It adds a lot to my trip when I have had a great day of amazing sights on the trail and finish it off with a terrific meal. Do yourself right by having some good eats on your trips.

Backpacking Food Tips

Happiness is a full belly! Backpacking Food Tips