Balance Ball Fitness Abs Workout

On this page you’ll find great balance ball fitness abs workout exercises for the gym or your home fitness routine.

I have also included lower back strengthening exercises that you may wish to add to your program in order to provide overall core strength.


It’s best to combine basic spinal flexion movements (such as the crunch) with twisting and side flexing movements in your balance ball fitness abs workout. The reason being to incorporate both the rectus abdominus (6 pack!) and the oblique muscles (side abs).
This exercise is like a floor crunch, or sit up. The idea here though, is to flex at the spine rather than the hips, as you will see most commonly in the traditional sit up method.

Us you sit up, focus on pushing your hips up toward the sky, and your lower back in to the ball. This will help eliminate hip flexion, and enhance spinal flexion.

Points to consider:

  • There is no need to sit all the way up, unless you need a rest at the top!

This exercise is a variation to the crunch. The twisting motion activates your oblique side muscles.
As you perform half a sit up on the ball, simultaneously twist your upper body to once side, return to starting position. When you crunch up the second time, twist to the opposite side. Keep alternating.


Including the jacknife in your balance ball fitness abs workout will also help to enhance some upper body strength.

Balance Ball Fitness Abs Workout

Start in push up as illustrated in position 1. Bring your knees to your chest and slowly return to the starting position.
Try not to let your hips ‘dip’ throught the movement. Keep your hips rigid and at or above the level of your body to ensure activation of the abdominal muscles.
This exercise is best done with your feet against the wall to keep you from falling over!
Place the top leg in front with your hands across your chest. As you lift your upper body to position 2, try to visualize pushing your hips up in the same direction. This will help get more ‘squeeze’ out of your side muscles.
Points to consider:

  • The further you hold your arms out, the harder the exercise. You can progress to holding your hands on your temple, then having your arms out above/in front of your head.


Apart from stability ball exercises for abs, here are some great lower back exercises to include as part of you core strengthening program.

Slowly raise one arm and the opposite leg simultaneously. Touch both to the floor, and alternate. Raise arm/leg in line with your body and hold the position for a second at the top of the movement.

Keep your hands by your side for balance, raise you hips of the floor to position number 2. Pause for a second and return.
Keeping your hands by your side for balance, raise your hips off the floor so your upper body and thighs are in line. Return slowly to start position.
Start with arms across chest in position 1. Lift your upper body so your whole body comes in to line. No need to hyperextend. Return to starting position.


Alternate Arm/Leg Raise Balancing on Ball

Find balance point on ball as pictured in position one. Slowly raise one arm and the opposing leg simultaneously until they are in line with your upper body. Return to starting position, and alternate arm/leg.