Banana leaf furniture for a natural earthy look

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The majority of banana leaf furniture and artifacts are produced in Indonesia or Bali and are becoming increasingly popular across the world. Only natural organic materials can offer the natural warmth and earthy feeling that these products produce. In the right surroundings it really does transmit a “tropical” feeling.

But what exactly is this strange sounding banana leaf furniture?

The name seems rather strange, but let’s take a look at just exactly what it is:

The central stem of the banana tree is surrounded by leaf sheaths or sections. Once the fruit has been harvested from the tree the stem can be made into rope. Banana Leaf, also called Deboo, is rolled and dried then plaited or twirled to create a sturdy rope in various thicknesses. The rope is then generally woven over a wooden furniture frame. Banana leaf furniture can be found in three natural earthy colors beige, coffee or a mixture of both. A sealer or stain may also be applied, not only adding color but also a degree of protection.

Manila is made from the leaf stems of the abaca plant, a member of the banana family. At one time this was the Philippines most exported product. The fibers vary in length from 4 to 15 feet and are classified as hard. Manila hemp is still greatly used today in paper production. I am sure that most people have heard of manila envelopes.

Banana leaf furniture for a natural earthy look

For an earthy feel choose Banana Leaf for your home

These natural fibers are becoming quite fashionable. With the emphasis on technology in our lives, people are longing for a more comfortable and more natural retreat to come home to. Wicker, rattan, bamboo, sea grass, twisted palm, coconut fiber and banana leaf stalks are some of the earthy materials being used in furniture and are becoming ever more popular. It is true that these organic materials are not really suited for outdoor use unless you live in a warm dry climate.

Maintenance is important if you want to add a touch of the tropics to your outdoor patio or deck.

  • Use a mild soap to create sudsy water and wipe using a damp cloth or sponge. Use a brush to get into crevices that have collected dirt, dust or bird droppings.
  • If desired, hose it off in the backyard but do not let it sit wet or dry in the sun. Completely dry it with a soft cloth or use a hair dryer set on cold to speed up the process.

Because banana leaf furniture is made on woven strands of rope, it is difficult to effectively apply weather proofing products. Some spray finishes are easier to apply.

The most common types of banana leaf furniture are quite large and bulky, such as arm chairs, tables and footstalls. Vases, boxes, mirror frames and many other items can be found.

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