Baseball – consider pitching accuracy before stepping to the plate

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To a pitcher, pitching accuracy is more important than anything else. It sets the tone for the hitters, fielders, and the game. If the pitcher is “on”, you as the hitter have your work cut out for you. But, knowing what you’re up against prior to stepping into the batter’s box can help you overcome this paticular pitching strength.

Exhibit patience at the plate when the pitcher is experiencing accuracy difficulties.

If the pitcher is experiencing difficulties throwing strikes you can minimize the importance of guessing the probable location of a pitch (making your guesswork a little less daunting) – primarily because the pitcher himself is unsure of where the next one will go.

If a pitcher can’t throw it over the plate to begin with, it is unlikely he is concerned about pinpointing the pitch to the perfect spot for that situation. His primary concern at that point is finding the strike zone.

A pitcher’s worst nightmare is giving hitters free passes. At this point, chances are he’s trying to get it over the plate so he doesn’t walk you. Be patient in this situation as you are in control. Take a pitch or two. Make him throw you a strike. You know he is attempting to throw his best pitch for a strike. Make him throw you your pitch, then take advantage of his mistake.

Baseball   consider pitching accuracy before stepping to the plate

Knowing that he is struggling to find the plate works significantly to your advantage.

Other methods for accurate pitchers.

If the pitcher is consistently accurate, you have to be on your toes. Chances are that the pitcher is in the driver’s seat in terms of where he wants to throw you the ball for his best case scenario.

But don’t fret. Look for other clues that may help you — from looking at his body language, to thinking about the types of pitches he might throw given the situation, to where he might be standing on the rubber.

You may be able to gather enough information to help tip the tide back in your favor. More on these situational clues can be found in our series of webpages, “The Pitcher”, available via the left and right arrows below.