Baseball – the importance of pitching confidence

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Pitching confidence tends to be an acquired trait, accomplished through much practice and experience, but is absolutely necessary to perform well.

A successful pitcher is able to take their array of pitches to the mound with confidence, regardless of whether or not they’re throwing well that particular day. Even if having little stuff, they’re able to still show the hitter who is in control without giving the hitter their secret.

When on the mound, stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand, and do so for every pitch. Your ability to do so will help convey your confidence and give you the upper hand.

Knowing your capabilities to minimize your weaknesses!

It is essential that you believe in yourself and believe that you can do the job. Any doubts by you and the hitter will sense and take advantage of it. Don’t give the hitter another tool to try and beat you!

Confidence is gained through a culmination of several methods – practice, experience, focusing on and knowing your strengths, staying away from your weaknesses, and being comfortable in your surroundings.

Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Play into your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses. This can change on a daily basis, or even a minute-to-minute basis, so becoming aware of what is working for you at a given moment is essential.

Baseball   the importance of pitching confidence

If you’re throwing a strong fastball on a particular day, but your curveball isn’t breaking the way it normally does, then possibly focus on your fastball a bit more in that game.

Or, maybe you’re having difficulties pitching inside because you hit a batter earlier in the game. That’s fine. Just step back, regain your composure, and don’t show your cards to the hitter. Then use your strongest pitch, pitching to a spot in the strike zone that you are comfortable with. The more you’re successful pitching to your preferred locations, the more pitching confidence you’ll regain to eventually throw back inside.

Use your strengths to minimize your weaknesses!

Being comfortable in your pitching surroundings.

Being comfortable on the mound is essential to being a successful pitcher. Comfort comes with familiarity. Familiarity comes with experience. Experience leads to pitching confidence.

Pitching is a pressure position. You’ll experience a lot of action in your surroundings when you step on that mound. This while you are the center of everyone’s focus.

As you gain experience on the mound, attempt to focus on the mental aspects of pitching. Run through different scenarios in you mind before stepping to the mound so that you won’t be surprised by any action that takes place during the game.

Think about the size of the crowd, the field conditions and the players around you – both their strengths and weaknesses. Know your surroundings!

Gaining experience, learning to mentally relax by knowing your surroundings, both coupled with the ability to visualize every pitch successfully before and during each game, will go a long way toward helping you become more comfortable – dramatically increasing your pitching confidence!