Baseball Tips – The Contact Drill

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This is a contact drill I used to work on and it helped me greatly on making solid contact off the pitcher.

Here’s how it works. Grab an old baseball bat and find a tree in your yard, or any place that is secluded and won’t cause a problem for anybody. Make approximately 10 marks on the tree with a black marker (circles or lines–whatever is good for you), each 4″ – 6″ above the previous and starting at the bottom of your strike zone.

Get in a batter’s stance as if you were in the batter’s box and make contact with the specific mark you’re looking to hit on the tree. Don’t put all your power into your swing because you’ll either hurt yourself or destroy the tree. The objective is to tap each mark with your swing to help your hand – eye coordination and balance, not hit a home run.

With this contact drill stay back and focus on each spot, getting quickly back into your stance after each swing. Aim for one spot on the tree and then the next. Stay back approximately one foot from the tree so that your swing will hit the tree out in front of you.

Baseball Tips   The Contact Drill

Using your wrists is also important in this contact drill. Learning to turn them at the right moment while staying back will develop a better inside out swing. The better and faster you get at hitting your marks and getting back into your stance will translate into you improving your contact skills, decreasing your strikeouts and improving your average.

Use an old wood baseball bat for this contact drill if at all possible because it will better absorb the brunt of the force. I’ve also found that it’s a good thing to wear batting gloves for this technique. Good luck!