Baseball tips – the importance of pitching concentration

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Pitching concentration is different and more intense than what takes place at other fielding positions, as you must concentrate on each and every pitch you throw. Failure to do so often results in the hitter taking advantage.

Concentration and focus are skills that you will need to practice and develop to be an effective pitcher. At first glance this talent may seem obvious and easy to achieve; however, being able to totally focus on the task at hand during game play is far from simple.

Pitching concentration.

As a baseball pitcher, your complete concentration needs to be focused on every pitch to deliver the baseball to a pinpoint location. The catcher should give you a big target so that it is clear where he wants the ball. Throughout your windup, watch and concentrate on the catcher’s mitt.

Don’t take your eyes off of the catcher’s mitt. Some pitchers have been known to look elsewhere, but they are an exception rather than the rule. You need to think about where you want to throw the ball while you are in the windup and throwing the pitch. Once the ball is released, your attention then needs to shift to fielding.

This series of actions is in contrast to a fielder’s and hitter’s concentration, which is typically “turned on” when the pitch is thrown. Theirs is a split-second focus with instincts playing a significant role, rather than concentration.

Baseball tips   the importance of pitching concentration

Hitters only bat four or five times per game and fielders may only field a ball a few times per game. As a baseball pitcher, you are involved with every pitch, meaning that your pitching concentration is tested on every play.

You need to be relaxed and visualize the perfect pitch before you throw the ball. Work on your relaxation skills. You’ll find that your concentration improves dramatically when you remain relaxed.

Breathing exercise to help your pitching concentration.

To establish good concentration you must first learn how to relax during game play. Practicing relaxation techniques during pitching practice, in the bullpen, and during game play can go a long way toward helping your concentration.

If your nerves are affecting your pitching concentration, use breathing techniques to help calm you down. Take a deep breath in through your mouth. Follow that up with a big exhale. You might follow that up with one more repetition, however if that doesn’t help take some time before repeating the exercise. You don’t want to begin hyperventilating!

Pitching concentration as a result of consistency.

Another method to help your concentration is to firmly establish your pitching consistency – becoming comfortable with your surroundings and the task at hand. This is typically established with practice and experience.

Establishing consistent pitching mechanics means that you don’t have to think so much about your physical actions because they become second nature. This comfort and confidence enables you to apply less intellectual effort on the physical aspects of your game and more on the mental components.