Basic basketball offense – Against man for man defense

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I call our offense the continuity offense because the players are continually cutting for and away from the basket. With this type arrangement I have found that the players can utilize their individual talents and still keep good floor balance.

Here is the general floor plan of the single post set up.

Basic basketball offense   Against man for man defense


The pattern of attack is set up so that two, three, or four men figure in the play. You may set up drills to practice this before you put the entire play together. This will do on half court, and rotate the inside, and outside men,so that no matter what position they find themselves in as they come down the floor, they are ready for the offense to begin.

This inter-changing of personnel has other merit too, in that, sometimes you will have one of your bigger men outside, defensed by a man who is not familiar with defensing an outside man. This often enables the boy to get by him, and score more easily. Also, the same thing.