Basic body building exercises: Compound Exercises

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There are two types of basic body building exercises for your routine:

1) Compound Exercises

2) Isolation Exercises

Compound Exercises

These are movements that incorporate a wide range of muscle groups.

 Basic body building exercises: Compound Exercises

Basic Examples



Bench Press

Chin Ups

Push Ups

The reason they are called “Compound Exercises” is due to the fact that they involve a combination of muscle groups to properly execute the movement.

Take the basic military pushup for example…

1)  Start by lying face down, palms to the floor, elbows pressed to your side, and fingers facing forward. Keep your body stretched out and held like a board, parallel to the floor, with your feet up on the balls of your toes.

2)  Press with your arms and chest to raise yourself up off the ground, stopping just shy of full lock-out at the top of the movement. The balls of your feet act like a fulcrum, and your body is the lever.

3)  To return back to the starting position, resist the effect of gravity on your body weight and pause just before touching the floor, holding that position.

This is one complete repitition. Yet in order to accomplish this, you need to incorporate your anterior deltoids (front portion of your shoulder), pectorals (chest), and triceps (that “horse-shoe” muscle on the back of your arm – it has three portions as well, but we wont’t get into that here). As well, your abdominals are worked to a lesser degree in order to keep your body stable and rigid when performing the movement.