Basic Lesson Plan Model for Parents and Child Caregivers

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7:00am- Breakfast. (Many times, cereal is the healthiest or easiest choice. Sometimes, it’s fun to make breakfast together! Whether that be chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs or french toast!)

7:45am- Morning Chores. (This entails whatever the household rules are. This should be done consistently. Brushing teeth, making bed, getting dressed are examples)

8:15am- (This means let them run outside, play in the basement or playroom. This time is free time to let them play with whatever toys they choose. This is the time school age children usually catch the bus or are taken to school.)

9:00am- Learning time. (Choice of craft either by kid’s pick, or if you choose a weekly theme, following the theme. This time is also used if you choose to educate the children. For example, learning letters or reading, science or math practice fits in this time frame. Alternate a different subject matter daily on the same day each week to continue progress in the subject, yet give a variety to the children.)
10:00am- Snack time! (A small healthy snack of crackers, carrot sticks or apple slices)

Basic Lesson Plan Model for Parents and Child Caregivers

10:30am- Play together time. (Whether this be indoor or outdoor, toys or being creative. This could be music, singing, dancing, instruments, painting, exercise, etc)

11:30am- Lunch time!

12:15pm- Free play/Active time.(One last chance to get energy out before we wind down, unassisted play doing any activities that we did already, or their choice of physical activity)

1:30pm- Nap/Quiet time. (This is the time where little ones nap, and bigger kids can read to themselves or with you. This can also be a movie, tv or video game time. Use sparingly! I never allowed the children to have use of an’electronic’ for more than one hour at a time. So if 2 hours of quiet time is going on, they can choose another quiet activity for the second hour.)

After no more than 2 hours of this quiet time.. *Snack!* (A small healthy snack to curb their appetite before dinner. Ideas can include yogurt, pretzels, fruit or veggies)

3:30pm- Kids pick. (Let the kids decide before dinner if they would like to have a friend over, play games or puzzles, have their own free time, paint or color, go to the park, etc. This is the time that school age children can do their homework after school as well!)

Basic Lesson Plan Model for Parents and Child Caregivers

5:00pm- Dinner. (Usually at dinner, my day as a nanny is through. For extended care or if you are a parent, a little playtime together before baths or movie nights seem like a great idea!)

Basic Lesson Plan Model for Parents and Child Caregivers

As mentioned, this is a basic lesson plan example above. You can also add in various other things to do once per week. For instance; crafts on Monday, Science on Tuesday, Writing and Letters/Reading on Wednesday, Math on Thursday and Kids pick for what to learn on Friday, for example. Make substitutions certain days for other special activities:

* story time at the library on one morning per week.

* A special outing to a museum, or other location.

* A lesson or playgroup. (Perhaps the children are in swim or music lessons or have playgroups.)

* A special indoor activity, such as baking or a creative activity. Remember these are basic ideas to follow. This model allows for creativity! When there is a lull between hours, read some books. Turn the radio on and have dancing time. Allow certain computer games to be played. Have the kids do a physical activity, like running laps around the house, clean up toys race, or weather dependent; ride bicycles or scooters.

A lesson plan, such as this may seem overwhelming, but if you follow it on a daily basis, it is great for you, and most importantly, the children.