Basic Travel Gears For Tuscany

A Sturdy Luggage

The first thing you will need is a sturdy and dependable luggage, preferably one that has casters or wheels. Leave your fancy and expensive luggages behind as it can get lost as these are attractive to thieves.

Don’t bring too many items with you.

Italy is a shopper’s paradise. You would need the extra space in your luggage to put those “souvenirs” in.

A Portable GPS

This is my most cherished travel gear and indispensable travel companion.

With a Garmin GPS navigation system for autos, asking for directions while driving in Tuscany would be unnecessary. Though you may from time to time miss exits, this travel gear won’t mind and just recalculates a new direction. Goes well too with the best car for tourist – the rental car, as it is portable and can be easily installed in minutes.

Get the model that comes preloaded with Europe’s map.

Walking Shoes

Walking is unavoidable when touring Tuscany.

The cobblestone streets are sure to hurt your feet or ankle if you’re not wearing the proper shoes. It is not a question of if, but when it will happen.

A good pair of shoes for walking or running should provide protection and reduce stress on your beautiful feet.

Basic Travel Gears For Tuscany



Tuscany Maps and a Compass

For those who forgot their GPS, or just want the extra adventure of plotting their own routes, and finding their way using a map and a compass.

You can get a Tuscany map from the Visitors Bureau at the train station or the airport before moving on to your destination.

I would assume if you can use a map, you would know how to use a compass. These two are inseparable companions. If you haven’t discovered it yet, there is a GPS specially designed for trekkers.

Other than those things, you would probably want to have a digital camera and a money belt. Watch out for thieves, and keep your camera under a sweater or jacket (when possible) so as not to invite attention.

Have a nice Tuscany vacation.