Basketball tips – Developing a feeder system

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All of us have a normal desire to win. I do not, however,like to emphasize this too much to the coaches in the junior high school. I would much rather have the junior high school coaches play ten or fifteen boys a game giving them valuable game experience, than to stick with five or six and win an extra game or two. After all, we must remember the ultimate purpose of all this. We are interested in developing boys who will make good varsity players some day.

I want each of our junior high school players to grow up with one goal in mind: to some day become a member of the varsity team. My assistant at the high school and I attend all of the junior high games that we can possibly squeeze in. We make it a point to visit each dressing room after the game and discuss the game briefly with the players.

We offer congratulations, constructive criticism, and engage them in casual conversation just to let them know that we are watching their progress and are looking for-ward to having them on our varsity squad at the high school. At the conclusion of each season we have a night at the high school when all of the junior high players and their parents are invited to the cafeteria for a sandwich and ice cream and cake treat.

Basketball tips   Developing a feeder system

At this time all of the players and parents get an opportunity to meet the coaches in the high school, view some game movies of the varsity games, and mingle with the varsity players. This yearly “get-together”whets the youngsters’ enthusiasm, as well as giving them a little reward for their efforts during the season.