Basketball tips – traveling violations

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For some players, committing basketball traveling violations are difficult to avoid. Growing up I often struggled with this and I tried to figure a way to help this problem. Here’s what I would do.

I took pavement chalk and made an outline of my shoe — one foot in front of the other — and would place chairs within a foot of the outlines to act as defenders. I believe it’s important to create more than one or two outlines of your shoes and try to create them from all directions of the court. Then I would place chairs on either side as members of my team to pass off to if necessary.

With a running start from one end of the court to the other, I would dribble the basketball down the court and see the chairs as either my defenders or teammates and try to match my last dribble to match the outlines of my shoes. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because of the simple limits of spacing on the court and to try to either make accurate passes or decide to shoot from where I’m at.

Now granted, the chairs don’t accurately recreate the height of your defender(s), but they do represent the horizontal spacing necessary for dribbling a basketball while attempting to prevent your opponent from stealing the ball, this while not committing any travelling violations.

Basketball tips   traveling violations

Also, I believe it is important from time to time to leave the chairs more than a foot or two away from you, maybe even 5-10 feet sometimes. We’ve all seen players get caught thinking ahead and getting caught in no man’s land with no one around them. If you can create scenarios for all different kind of outcomes for yourself, the better player you will become!