Basketball Weightlifting Workout Will it be right for you…

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Basketball weightlifting workout that will build some muscle mass and give you more percision on the court. This workout is one pro-ball players use to keep performing at higher levels. This basketball workout shown below will be at the top of your list for basketball workouts. No workout is complete without knowing weightlifting basics and all the weightlifting errors that people make and they don’t know it.

This basketball workout is one used to gain muscle mass, it’s called the “555 Routine.” The 555 routine stands for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, 5 months of training. This basketball workout also includes 2 hours of running, 2 hours of basketball, and 1 hour of cardio (boxing, jump rope or treadmill) to go along with 1 hour of weightlifting listed below. Don’t forget to stretch before you do any working out, it will really warm the muscles up. So many people forget to stretch, it’s vital to succeed with your workout.

Basketball Weightlifting Workout Will it be right for you...

This is one of those basketball weightlifting workouts that looks simple but will get you in to butt kicking shape for the basketball season. Never forget to warm up throughly before each workout. Your muscles will have never felt better after stretching and a good workout. Good basketball workouts are hard to find, so keep this program because it’s a good one.

If your wanting other sport related workouts, check out our baseball workout and if your into football check out this football workout for the some great advice. To be a successful basketball player you need to do hard work and have discipline over the coarse of many years of heavy training. It’s the end of another year and the beginning of a new one filled with promise and good fortune. Always have the most positive thoughts and maybe even check out these weightlifting quotes, for some motivational comments.