Be active with your dog

You can be active with your dog in many ways. Make it fun and exciting. Activity makes us all feel and think better.

Since the obedience classes are over and your dog knows agility courses. Lets have some play time. Having some activity with your dog can be fun for you as well. Maybe the family could all go on a hike, or just for a walk through your favorite park.

Look for backpacks, boots, hands-free running leashes, bike leashes, reflective and lighted collars, bed rolls and other great products to make your dog comfortable and safe during your adventures.

 Be active with your dog

Everyone will benefit with a good workout. Dogs that get exercise tend to be not as bored, and destroy things. They need to be dogs and sniff out the smells we aren’t fond of. :>)

Consider your dog’s phyiscal capabilities when doing any activities. We want the day to end with a nap, not a trip to the Veterinarians office.