Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Florence, Tuscany

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There are hundreds of bed and breakfast hotels in Florence. This list will give you an idea of how much a stay could cost. Some of these establishments could charge up to €200 for a night’s stay, while others charge a cheap rate of €40 and above.

Depending on your preference, some of these establishments could pass as a 4-star hotel when it comes to the type of rooms available and the amenities that go with it.

All of the hotels have nice locations and are near the city center and attractions in Florence.

Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Florence, Tuscany

Villino il Magnifico offers good value and a tidy room to stay. A little bit more expensive is San Gallo Palace for those who are staying here for business and pleasure. It has mostly very good reviews too.

For those with their families in tow, the Cimabue, an apartment would be the ideal accommodation.

Other bed and breakfast hotels in Florence you might want to check out; Residenza Il Villino, Soggiorno Annamaria, Starhotels Michelangelo, and Tourist House Ghiberti.

There is also Villa Liberty, and the Vivahotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio, that is very near Ponte Vecchio and the Vassari Corridor.

Last but not least is Hotel La Sosta, though a little bit off the center of Florence offers reasonable rates and a splendid view of the countryside and a fabulous garden. The reviews are also very good.