Benefits from your child learning French

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Teaching your child French will certainly yield a high return.

Take a look at these well-established benefits for your child learning French

  • Your child will develop a lifelong ability to communicate with more people, and will also achieve improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills.
  • SAT results showed that 4 years of foreign language study scored higher than those who had studied in ANY other subject.

Benefits from your child learning French

  • They even tend to score higher in Maths Your child will tend to be better at solving complex problems.
  • Knowing French (or any second language) opens up wider career options for your child giving them a competitive advantage in the workforce.
  • A child who learns French (or, any second language) tends to score higher on English tests

Above all, Do not have unrealistic expectations of your child

While children benefit enormously from learning French (or, any language), it is important not to have unrealistic expectations. Learning a new language, regardless of age, is a complex undertaking that takes time and patience. Remember: it takes about 3 years for a child to learn its first language. So, how can your child learn French in a short time? It is simply unrealistic to expect this – regardless of your approach.

Remember too, that making mistakes, forgetting and other minor ‘set-backs’ – are part of learning a language, so be patient.

How can you help your child who is learning French at school?

Encourage your child’s interest in French and in French culture. Introduce her to French music, French dance, or French food. Get French books, French videos. If you speak French, be sure to read aloud to your child.

Above all, enjoy and help your child learn French!