Benefits of Physical Fitness

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The benefits of physical fitness depend on which of the 5 components of physical fitness you’re talking about. One benefit of physical fitness might be increased strength, if you use a weight lifting workout routine you can expect to increase your strength and have an easier time doing things that require physical effort – such as carry luggage, carrying boxes, opening heavy doors, etc. Another benefit would be increased cardiovascular health (aerobic endurance) that you get when start a program of aerobic activity.

Weightlifting benefits

For guys, usually improved strength is enough for them to get interested in a weight lifting program. I’ve found that most women I train aren’t looking to get stronger when they begin an exercise program, yet many find it a nice benefit once they start to see and feel the results. I can rememeber one female client telling me about her vacation and how she was slinging everybody’s luggage up into the top storgage area like it was nothing while everyone else was struggling. That’s good stuff Benefits of Physical Fitness

There are many other benefits to weightlifting including improved bone health, prevention of oseoporosis, and enhanced fat loss through a boosted metabolism and calorie burn – just to name a few. If you are interested in improved sports performance, a weightlifting routine can also be part of what is needed to imrove skill related fitness.

Benefits of Physical Fitness

The benefit of aerobic exercise

Do you ever feel winded walking up several flights of stairs? If so, you’ll realize one benefit of aerobic exercise, like with lifting weights, is that you’ll be able to move through life easier – without having fitness limit you in daily activity.

Probably the biggest benefits of aerobic exercise come from the improvements to your overall health. Lowered blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, and lowered risk of stroke are some of what you can expect.

The Big Picture

The benefits of physical fitness will allow you to live a much longer, healthier, and more productive life. Fitness is a funny thing in that when you don’t have it, it may be hard to understand why you would want to get it.

The truth is that you FEEL BETTER when you are physically fit – aside from all this longer life, healthy this and that, etc. The real benefit is that you will FEEL GOOD, you’ll have more confidence, it’s really about the way you feel inside.

The key to all of the benefits of physical fitness is to stay active. Staying active, no matter what kind of activity you do, is your greatest defense against all of the parts of aging that will creep up on you if you aren’t prepared for them. Stay fit and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.