Best Beaches in Puerto Rico – Flamenco

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The Island municipality of Culebra is thought by many to have the most beautiful, secluded beaches found within the coasts of the Puerto Rican archipelago.

Only nine miles off the main Island’s eastern coast, Culebra boasts miles of unspoiled, pristine sandy beaches and some of the most awesome coral reef formations anywhere in the Caribbean.

Of all its beaches, Flamenco is considered by enthusiasts as the best spot to sunbathe or swim in the blue green waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico   Flamenco

The stretch of pure white, coral sands is over a mile long and sits at the foot of the sun toasted brown hills of the Island municipality. Protected as a Marine Wildlife Reserve by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Flamenco Beach offers visitors a perfect untarnished beach away from the crowds, jet skis and motorized sea vessels found on many of the beaches of the big Island.

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico   Flamenco

Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island
Nine miles east off the Puerto Rico main Island.

Go and watch the annual hatching of endangered sea turtles or explore the virgin coastline with a mask and snorkel.

It’s hard to believe part of Culebra was used for naval military exercises until 1975. Abandoned tanks and other war games relics west of Flamenco Beach will provide great photographic material for the adventurous traveler. Visitors can stay at the campground, which is equipped with restrooms or at one of the cozy, affordable inns in town.

How to Get There

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico   Flamenco

From the International Airport take Road 26 and exit on Road 3 to Fajardo. Turn left on Road 194 and go Southeast for 2.1 miles. Then turn left on Road 195, then bear left on Fajardo Dock. Take the ferry to Culebra. You may also take a flight from San Juan or Fajardo. Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (Isla Grande) from Old San Juan take Road 26 towards Carolina and take exit to Road 1. Right after the Marina (Club Naútico de SJ) make a right at Lindbergh St. Diego Jimenez Torres Airport (Fajardo), from San Juan take Road 26 and exit in Road 3 to Fajardo. Once in Fajardo take exit Road 976 and follow the signs.