Best beaches in Puerto Rico – Isla Verde

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This urban strip of beaches is very popular among those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but who do not want to waste any time driving away from San Juan. Perfect for sunbathing or enjoying the cool waters of the Atlantic, Isla Verde attracts visitors and locals alike who like to partake in a variety of water sports.

Parasailing, bodysurfing, water skiing and jet skiing are only some of the sports offered by the hotels that line up the coast along the beaches that make up the Isla Verde shores.

Visitors will discover a tranquil setting during the week, but it’s on the weekends that Isla Verde really comes alive. Beach lovers come from every corner of the city and from every major hotel in the area to play beach volleyball, to walk along the sandy shores or to simply enjoy a day at the beach.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Isla Verde

The Isla Verde Beach strip is a series of beaches that stretch in front of ritzy hotels and posh high-rise residential apartments.

There are many hotels that offer refreshments and food in convenient bars and grills with access to the beach. Locals and tourists alike meet for a snack or an ice cold frozen rum drink before taking a dip in the cool, blue waters of the Atlantic. Many tourists also like the convenience of having casinos close by, so they can swim in between games of Blackjack or Caribbean Stud Poker.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Isla Verde

How to Get There

From the Airport take Road 26, then a right on 187, then a left on Road 37.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Isla Verde