Best beaches in Puerto Rico – Punta Santiago

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Puerto Rico’s southeast coast, where the central mountain range meets the ocean, is one of the Island’s most spectacular shorelines. In and/or around Humacao, Naguabo and Yabucoa, travelers will find plenty of remote coves, sandy beaches – with white sand as well as with black volcanic sand – and a string of small cozy and comfortable guesthouses, posh resorts, eco-lodges and many other accommodations.

As the mountains tumble into the sea they create dramatic and breathtaking shorelines, as can be seen in places like Punta Santiago, near Humacao, a promontory that juts out into the jade waters of the Caribbean Sea. Near the tip of the promontory is Santiago Cay, a small islet inhabitated only by laboratory Rhesus monkeys gone wild. Although to visit the cay travelers need special authorization, boat rides are readily available through the local fishermen and offer fantastic views of the beautiful tropical coastline.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Punta Santiago

Dotted with dozens of tiny kiosks and restaurants, the area around Punta Santiago is a veritable smorgasbord of tropical flavors. Visitors can find anything from fresh seafood to local favorites like rice mixed with chunks of land crab. Savor golden grouper or shark nuggets while you stroll through the beautiful beaches of the southeast.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Punta Santiago

How to Get There

From the International Airport take Road 26. Then exit on Road 3, which will take you straight to Punta Santiago.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Punta Santiago