Best beaches in Puerto Rico – Sunbay

The Island municipality of Vieques sometimes feels more like part of the Virgin Islands than of the Puerto Rican Archipelago. Most English-speaking visitors are relieved to find that the majority of the Island’s 9,000 inhabitants are bilingual. But it’s the pristine beaches that win over the hearts of all who come to Vieques.

The Island’s biggest tenant, the U.S. Navy, has kept major developments away and preserved the natural beauty of this tropical paradise only seven miles off the coast of the main Island of Puerto Rico.

Half-way between Isabel II, the biggest town on the Island, and the sleepy fishing village of Esperanza (literally Hope in English), Sun Bay will satisfy the most demanding beach lover with its long stretch of white sand, the calm emerald green waters of the Caribbean and the plentiful shade provided by sea grapes and palm trees.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Sunbay
Sun Bay, Vieques Island is located 7 miles southeast of the Puerto Rico main Island.

There are comfortable restrooms, picnic areas and other facilities, but you will want to take refreshments and water with you to endure the hot sun of the tropics.

And to add excitement to your visit, remember to return to Sun Bay at night and follow the road to the nearby Bioluminescent Bay, where tiny microorganisms make the calm waters glow with an awesome greenish light of its own!

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Sunbay

How to Get There

From the International Airport take Road 26 and exit on Road 3 to Fajardo. Turn left on Road 194 and go Southeast for 2.1 miles. Then turn left on Road 195, then bear left on Fajardo Dock. Take the ferry to Vieques. You may also take a 45 minutes flight from San Juan or a 15 minutes flight from Fajardo.

Best beaches in Puerto Rico   Sunbay

Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (Isla Grande) from Old San Juan take Road 26 towards Carolina and take exit to Road 1. Right after the Marina (Club Naútico de SJ) make a right at Lindbergh St. Diego Jimenez Torres Airport (Fajardo), from San Juan take Road 26 and exit in Road 3 to Fajardo. Once in Fajardo take exit Road 976 and follow the signs.