Best Video Card

Only the best video card can satisfy the growing appetite of die hard gamers for high-end gaming. Remember Pac-Man, that lovable icon. The world watched open-mouthed as Pac-Man steadily munched his way into the hearts of millions of video game freaks at a time when video games resembled telephone kiosks. The gaming world has seen unprecedented growth, and the need of the hour is 3D-intensive displays and real-time photo realistic rendering.

The best video card or for that matter any video card is a computer component which is designed to convert a logical representation of an image stored in memory to a form that can be used as input for a display device, often a monitor. It also enables the manipulation of the logical image stored in memory. A graphics card can either be a stand alone expansion card, or it can be built into the motherboard. There is a certain benefit of having an expansion card rather than the on board version – you can always replace your old video card with the best video card available. Furthermore, the best graphics cards are typically built on to expansion cards.

Contemporary video cards have powerful processing engines called Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s). After carrying out a number of video card comparisons, I have come to the conclusion that two of the best video cards are the NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX and the ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition. The brand names speak for themselves.

NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX – Powered by 256MB video memory, this card super charges your gaming experience by delivering top notch visual effects. It performs at its peak with a GPU clock speed of 490MHz and a memory clock rate of 1300MHz. It delivers ultra-realistic effects, unmatched features, and rock solid stability so you can play your game the way it’s meant to be played. However, it is only available in PCI-Express and since top-notch performance does not come cheap, the card is priced anywhere between $545 and $655.

ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition – This is the most extreme gaming graphics card technology ever created by ATI and is ATI’s best video card to date. with up to 16 pipelines, the fastest frame rates and ATI’s industry-leading 3D image enhancement technology. It is packed with 256MB video memory, available in both AGP and PCI-Express versions, and it can be yours for anywhere between $400 and $630.

Best Video Card

Every five months sees the advent of new graphics chips in the market, touting features such as T-Buffer technology, motion blur, depth of field and full screen anti-aliasing effects. This technical jargon might leave a hardware novice quite perplexed. The golden rule in graphics cards is that the higher the resolution the better the performance, but very high resolution on an entry-level monitor can produce extremely sharp but painstakingly tiny images which would be impossible to work with. Before you set out to buy the best video card, make sure you have a monitor that matches the capabilities of that card. The computing power of graphics chips has increased, but so has their power requirement. Cooling bodies and fans are being incorporated in the design; so do not be surprised to find a cooling fan mounted on the graphics processor. It does make the card a bit hefty, but a cooling mechanism is certainly indispensable.