Betting Services

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Here you’ll find various different services providing an assortment of tools and helpful features. Some of these sites are absolutely free of charge and some do require a fee.

Free Services

Betting Manager – An easy and fast way to record and update your bets according to your own definitions. View your personal statistics from every angle that you like. View your bookmaker accounts, past transactions or get a complete historical view of your betting.

Casino Directory – Search for casinos throughout the country. Find one anywhere in the US using this interactive directory. Search by zip code or browse by state to find locations, gaming details, travel tips and promotions for all the casinos that matter.

National Weather Map – Check out this great weather map of the United States updated every 5 minutes.

Pokernator 3000 – What is this tool you may be asking yourself. Well, the Pokernator 3000 is an advanced free tool that will analyze your Texas Hold’em poker hand. It’ll tell you your current odds of winning the game. The Pokernator 3000 does this by comparing your specific hand against all other possible 2-card Hold’em Hands. It then tells you the percentage of the hands you can beat, tie, and lose against.

Printable Tournament Brackets – More than 50 free printable tournament brackets and betting grids for sports and other activities. Their single elimination brackets and double elimination brackets are great for everything from video game tournaments to NFL playoffs (Super Bowl) and NCAA March Madness office pools. Whether your game is baseball, soccer, darts, pool, basketball, wrestling, chess, tennis, poker, an academic competition or something else, find your brackets here.

RX Line Feed – the best free line movement feed I have found. Get your free live odds here.

Tennis Prediction – One of my favorite sites. Tennis Prediction offers you: stats, results, odds, rankings, players info, tournaments info… for ATP + WTA (singles and doubles).

Trends, Matchups and Stats – If your looking for a great free source for all the latest Trends, Matchups and Stats then you’ve come to the right place. Just pick your sport and enjoy!

Betting Services


Fee Based Services

AccuScore- My favorite fee based website hands down. AccuScore forecasts the future of sports. They use a highly complex simulation engine run off of a bank of super computers and then they analyze the results.

So how does it work? Well, for simplicity sake, AccuScore creates virtual players using over 30 different attributes then they put those players on a team which also has attributes such as coaching tendencies, then they let them play a game, one play at a time. They record every possible statistic then repeat the process, 10,000 times. The AccuScore simulation engine even factors in things like wind, rain, snow, field type, injuries. You name it, it’s taken into account

Bet Portfolio – Tracking your financial position and the state of your betting expenditure or the profit & loss at any point in the game is simply a fundamental requirement to your success. Bettors have now the possibility to get a performance overview & track their bets from many accounts! With Bet Portfolio, record keeping is easier than ever before – your Bet Portfolio can include more than 80 bookmakers!

Don Best – Don Best Sports has long been the gold standard of sports betting odds & lines information services. They are a bit pricey so you may want to compare them with Sports Insights listed down below before making any decisions on whether or not this service is for you.

GJ Update – Another sports information service offering instant line changes, late breaking injury alerts, real time scores and detailed stats and matchups.

Sports Insights – Sports Insights is a sports betting service that offers members: live sports betting odds, injury and weather reports, propriety betting statistics (betting percentages), and winning betting systems (bet against the public, square plays, steam moves, surebets, and smart money plays).

Team Rankings- This is an interesting site that allows you to use a unique, algorithmic prediction tool but in way that you control. You decide what stats are most important, and it generates a resulting set of predictions with data to back them up.

In just minutes, you can create your own customized system for researching every single game, every single day. Set up your inputs once and the tool automatically applies them to all matchups.