Beyond Ego, There Is Freedom From Low-Energy Drama

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Moving beyond ego is actually quite a simple process… but it isn’t always easy. As you know, ego is just a set of thoughts and beliefs. But when certain thoughts and beliefs have formed our world view almost since birth, they have become habitual. And breaking habits often takes focus and concentration.

But think of the alternative: continuing to live unconsciously, at the mercy of your ego – and therefore at the mercy of other egos – never truly being in control of your life or even coming close to your greatest potential. In that light, going beyond ego seem much more appealing, doesn’t it?

Relax – and don’t take it too seriously!

One of the things ego loves to do is take things – and itself – far too seriously. It loves drama. Unconscious living thrives on drama, and ego will frequently create stress, strife, competition, worry and anxiety in order to experience it. This sounds insane, and it is – but the vast majority of us do this on occasion, if not frequently. We do this because our egos seek drama to enhance separation, lack and limitation.


Look at television, for example. So much of it focuses on drama. If there is no “real” drama to be found on the news (in the form of sensationalized reports on negative world events – which are usually the result of ego anyway), there is plenty of make-believe drama available: so-called “reality” shows, daytime court dramas, soap operas, low-grade prime-time drama, crime shows, game shows… the list goes on. So much of it is pure low-energy drivel, yet it’s what much of the population laps up for two or three hours per day, if not more! Very few television shows are actually worth watching.

Beyond Ego, There Is Freedom From Low Energy Drama

And if television isn’t enough, many of us will find ways to create drama in our personal life as well. So much of the negative things in our personal lives happen because of ego’s manipulation – making things about “me, me, me” – because that is how ego operates. Relationship troubles, workplace arguments, politics, even pettiness such as road rage, complaining about lineups, or moaning about bad service in a restaurant… all of it is ego-based and all of it creates drama.

Move beyond drama; move beyond ego!

Ego’s purpose behind creating drama is simply to enhance separation. If something is dramatic, the ego’s sense of “me and everything else” is enhanced. This excites ego, and excitement tickles our mind. We like to be excited, and ego likes drama. Therefore, ego links with mind to create excitement through drama… and mind goes along… mindlessly. If we remain unconscious of it, as most of us do, it runs our lives for us and we blindly go along with it.

So how do you move beyond ego?

Go beyond ego – break the habit – by becoming observant and aware of your thoughts and feelings. Notice if you have a tendency to crave drama in your life… and especially notice if “dramatic things keep happening to you”. As you know, nothing happens by accident. If your life is filled with drama, you have attracted and created it, directly or indirectly.

Beyond ego; beyond lack and limitation.

Drama is based in ego’s belief in lack and limitation. In order to make itself feel less limited and more fulfilled, it creates drama. If ego believed in unlimited abundance (i.e. no lack or limitation), it would have no reason to try and “make” itself feel more fulfilled… and it would cease to be ego.

In truth there are no such things as lack or limitation. No one is truly separate from anything, or anyone, else. There is no need to compete, compare, judge or fear anything. Ego clings desperately to these concepts because without them it simply would not exist.

No one is above, or beneath, anyone else. Having “more” or “less” of anything doesn’t make any person better or worse than another. But because of ego, many of us believe that it does. Much of our society and culture enforces it because they too are created by ego. Look at the majority of newspaper and media content; television shows (as mentioned above) and movies; even popular music, literature and sporting events. So much of it is based in “us” versus “them”, in competition, in “fighting” things for the “right” cause, in threats and fear mongering… and all of it is created by ego.

Learn to move beyond ego. Learn to transcend it!

Know that letting go of ego doesn’t mean letting go of your identity. And you don’t need to give up the excitement that tickles your mind! Excitement is a wonderful thing, and you certainly don’t need drama to create it. Doing constructive things – creating art, helping others, exercising, participating in sport for the sake of a challenge and friendly competition, building a business, performing music or high-quality drama (that is, drama that lifts our awareness and heightens our perspective)… there are so many things to get your excitement up and adrenaline flowing, without the need for low-energy drama simply for the sake of ego and self-worth. Remember: beyond ego, there is no need to raise self-worth because you will know that you are 100% worthy to begin with!

Beyond ego, beyond drama, there is unlimited possibility.

Without ego, we experience healthy cooperation, inspired by the knowledge that there is an unlimited supply of abundance in Infinite Energy – from which everyone can draw and create. We enjoy and enhance ourselves and others through constructive means, with no need for drama or pettiness.

We open ourselves up to live life on a much higher level.

Are you ready to go beyond ego now?