Black Lilith The female rebel of your birth chart

In astrology Black Lilith is not an object, but a point in the Moon’s elliptical path around Earth, also called Black Moon or Dark Moon. Not all astrologers take this point into consideration, but it can always be fun to have a look at Lilith as she adds an extra aspect to the interpretation of the Moon’s influence in a natal chart.

The mythical Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was independent and strong, a rebellious woman who loved her freedom. She knew her own body, and nor menstruation, pregnancy or birth scared her. She had no prejudices against sex and admitted to her own strong, sexual feelings. Of course she got too tough for Adam – or maybe she got bored with him? Well, one day she flew her way and instead God created the more compliant Eve from Adam’s rib.

Black Lilith  The female rebel of your birth chart

Lilith in the natal chart will say something about our ability to set ourselves free. Lilith is often strong in the chart of bohemians and freedom loving people living an unconventional life on the edge of the society, not giving a damn about what other people think or say about them and their life style. A challenging Lilith (with harsh aspects to Moon, Saturn or Mars in or aspecting 5th house planets) indicates difficulties in conceiving or with pregnancy and birth (especially if other indications of such are found in the natal chart).