Black Panther Art

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The black panther has fascinated people right through ought time. In fact the black panther is revered within the Indian tribes of South America. And you can see why.

So too, has it been with the artist. How many paintings have you seen of the Black Panther?  I myself have seen a few in my time. And the blackness of the panther; almost blue/black in certain angles of light. Makes a great study of bringing out these colures together, in such a subtle way, this alone makes you as an artist want to paint or do any sort of black panther art.

The panther, puma, or Unca – as the native South Americans call them…….

So how can we portray them…………. what comes in your mind when you look at a picture of the black panther?

Well the first thing that makes the black panther stand out is its color, is it not? So here is where we need to focus our energies on.

What feelings does the Black Panther evoke within you,

  • mystical

  • sensational

Those are just a few that comes to my mind. So you think a little longer, and see if you can come up with any other words.

You see………what we most perceive about something that strikes us firstly. Is also what you, as an artist, needs to also be very aware off.

  Artist ~ Phillip Alder

After all…. isn’t this what you want to bring forth in your own tribute to black panther art.

Black Panther Art

Black is a very dominating color, its strength alone, turns its black color into tinges of  mingled blue.

And with such a combination; plus the strength and muscles of the panther showing through its blue/black coat. And you have a very formidable character indeed.

Though many find it daunting that to bring out the blue shades into black. I can see how this might put some people off. Though we are not going to let this happen here, are we………..

The secret is not to over do the shading of blue, and this is where some artists get the jitters.  Now with paints, you know that mistakes can be fixed. I myself have tried to blend in such a highlight of color to an animal, only to find out that the color just does not blend very well; and stands out like a mark on my painting.

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” ~ Michelangelo

Well, when this happens. Let the paint dry, before you try to cover over the mistake. Though bearing in mind that if you need to cover in white, a faint shadow of strong color seems to still show through. So use a pallet knife, to scrape off the offending color as best you can; then leave it to dry, before applying the original layer of color to try again.

Oils are great when blending in such an effect of highlights to achieve such a subtle tone. Though other paints such as acrylic can still be very effective, what I do is take off much of the blue paint you put on your brush, like “Dry Brushing”, then lightly apply it to your black panther, bringing in more of the black paint while blending. And keep doing this until you are satisfied. with the outcome.

Ideas for your Black Panther Art

Combinations of color, lets think about this for a moment……….

What would you like to see complementing your black panther art?

  • Think of the rich colures of the jungle, rich greens of big leaves, as your black panther pushes aside some of those tropical leaves entering your painting. Now rich big leaves of tropical plants and a black panther is going to make a very big dramatic statement.

  • The white mists of the jungle, and brooding sky as a storm lingers overhead, with your black panther. This painting focuses on few colures. Blues grays, blacks and whites, will create a very mystical painting.

I hope these few ideas give you some subjects to work with. Black Panther Art just needs to be expressed in such a way that is going to have your cat the centre of attention in your painting. A painting that brings out the Black Panthers dramatic beauty.

Work with bringing forth the best painting you can with your black panther art. Think right from the start, where can you go with this beautiful beast, and what can you do to complement it to the best of your ability. Think of what backgrounds are going to dramatize your subject and go with it.