Blessed Sacrament Church in Singapore, Unique Geometrical Roof Shape

If you visit the Blessed Sacrament Church, first thing attracts your attention would be its unique roof design.

The light-blue slate roof forms folded tents that seem pushed to the center of the building which then the big pyramid emerge among these tents raising high to the sky.

Designed by Gordon Dowsett of architectural firm Iversen van Sitteren and Partners in around 1963 – the roof of the church was said symbolizing the “Tent of Meeting” in the Old Testament.

In today context, the Blessed Sacrament Church’s design may not be up to the expectation for being an iconic where the ultra-modern materials selection and complicated or fluidity of geometry are becoming a centre of the attention.

But, looking at the period of its construction years you may agree that its column free interior design with folded roof is spectacular.

Some people said that the church has been built with the same technology as the Opera House in Sydney, Australia with smaller scale of course.

Well, you shall see it to understand that.

Blessed Sacrament Church in Singapore, Unique Geometrical Roof Shape

The roof has also glass skylight at the junctions where the four portions of the cruciform shape meet bringing the natural light into the sanctuary.

When you enter the Church, you’ll see the dramatic light which visually will draw your eyes upward.

The mixture of brick walls and timber ceiling panels create a warm atmosphere, solidity, and strength within the worship hall.

The value in which will influence you when you pray inside.

1 Commonwealth Drive
Singapore 149603


How to get there?

From Commonwealth MRT, take the following buses: 100, 147, 196, 198, and alight after 2 stops.

6, 198, and alight after 2 stops.