Body Building For Beginners

When you’re just starting out in the gym, there’s only one way to get information on body building for beginners. The best way to learn is to find somebody who has achieved what you want to achieve, ask them what their routine was, and modify it to fit your situation.

We’re not afraid to point out the obvious truth to beginners so while you’re here, let’s get a few things straight…

You will never get as big as the freaks in the magazines unless you start taking gear.

(Being a “freak” isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re just starting to get into body building for beginners, you’d best stay away from that kind of stuff for now). There’s nothing worse than a beginner with amazing potential, yet sets his or her hopes unrealistically high and then quits when they don’t achieve them.

Steroid use is a touchy subject. There are many well respected body builders who say that decent results can be obtained by using steroids to augment an already highly tuned body building routine. There are also those who completely shun the use of steroids, claiming that muscle should come from proper nutrition, rest, and hard work in the gym – not out of a bottle. Both sides have very valid points. Either way, it takes time, hard work, dedication, and an effective routine to achieve your goals. Anything short of this will lead to inferior results and frustration – steroids or not.

While we don’t advocate the use of steroids, the fact remains that it is a huge part of body building for many individuals. And it will continue to be in the future – there’s no getting around this fact.

But what we do believe in is reaching your fullest potential – nothing less than the best you can do!

Body Building For Beginners

When you’re new to body building for beginners, the best plan is to learn the basics first: proper nutrition, adaquate rest, and the basic exercises to assemble an outstanding routine to get your muscle growth off the ground. Once you plateau beyond any further gains, whether you take steroids or not is a personal choice.

Another thing you should know is that

What works for one person isn’t always what’s best for you!

Because your physiology is different from every other person in the world, there’s really no telling what will be the most effective exercises for you until you have tried them all. When somebody tells you that“this-or-that exercise is THE BEST for building *enter a body part*…”, remember to always consider the source and take any advice with a grain of salt. Yes, even our advice!

Obviously there are some universal principles about body building that cannot be denied. However, the best way to create an effective routine is to find out what exercises work for you!

Now on to the next point…

Start with and STICK WITH the basics!

At least at first. If you jump into advanced exercises, fancy isolation movements, and techniques to “fast-track” your gains, you’re short changing yourself. In the future, the effectiveness of any routine that incorporates these muscle-shocking movements will be lessened due to the fact that you’ve already introduced them to your body. The exercises won’t be as powerful because your body has built up a tolerance to the stimuli.

Start with and stick with the basics. Do a basic routine until the gains start slowing down. As you venture into body building for beginners, any stimuli to the muscle will most likely cause it to adapt and grow. The best time to start introducing more advanced techniques and exercises it after the effectiveness of your basic routine has worn off.

There is much to be said about body building for beginners, so check out more of our resources below to get the muscles pumping!