Body Building Timing – The Effects Of Time On Your Workout

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Body building timing is one of the largest variables that is overlooked by individuals starting out with a body building routine. The effect of time on body building routine, as well as the results that come about from your efforts, is nothing short of spectacular.

This isn’t about hype…

It’s so important that you’d be at a disadvantage if you didn’t realize how you can harness the power of body building timing for amazing gains in muscle mass and strength. Leave the hardcore scientific explanations for another article. Right now, here’s the basics on how you can use effective body building timing in the gym.

Time to Think…

Really, have you ever sat down (or stood up, or walked around, for that matter) and taken a long, hard look at exactly what it is you’re doing in the gym? This is more so a reminder to always focus on what it is that you are trying to accomplish in the gym. So many people walk in through the doors of their gym and walk out completely unchanged.

This is because they walk in not knowing what they’re going to do. Workouts are left unplanned. Exercises are just motions that the unthoughtful person goes through. Unthoughtfulness kills, and in your case, it will kill any chance of making gains from your body building routine. Take the time to think about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you plan on accomplishing these tasks. By taking the time to think about the week ahead, and following up on your decision to get in the gym and go hard, you’ll be doing more than what half the other fakes do on a regular basis.

Repetition Time

So now that you’ve figured out exactly why you’ve come to the gym today, what exercises you plan on doing, and in what fashion, we can focus on individual reps. Many aspiring body builders fail to realize just how powerful a catalyst repetition timing really is. For most, they go through the same exercises at the same tempo, day in and day out. And then they begin to wonder why their gains aren’t coming as fast as they did when they started their body building routine. Instead, what you can do to aleviate this roadblock is vary the time it takes to complete one repetition.

Body Building Timing   The Effects Of Time On Your Workout

There are two halves to any given repetition and by varying the time it takes to complete these halves you will experience amazing pumps like never before. As you begin the rep, you’ll be completing the “concentric phase” of a repetition. This is the part of the rep which begins at the start of the movement, and finishes at the midpoint of the range of motion for the rep.

Take the dumbbell bicep curl as an example…

The concentric phase of the repetition begins when you lift the weight upwards, with your elbow as the pivot point, towards your shoulder in a semi-circular motion.

As you get to the midpoint of the rep, you cross over to the “eccentric phase” of the repetition. This is the second half of the rep where you return the weight to the starting point of the movement.

With our dumbbell bicep curl example…

The eccentric phase of the repetition is when you begin to lower the dumbbell back towards the floor in a controlled fashion, pausing just before full relaxation of the muscle as you hold the weight beside you.

By thinking of a repetition in this manner, focus now on the timing it takes to complete each portion of the rep. You can use a variety of techniques and timing schemes to suit your goals.

Some examples to build upon

Work on explosive power by using a 1-3 tempo. Complete the concentric phase of the rep in one count, then follow with a slow and focused period of intense contraction for three counts in the eccentric phase of the rep.

If you’re short on time try following this 2-2 tempo. Complete both the concentric and eccentric phase of the rep with two counts per phase. (For an added punch to your body building routine, maintain continual motion throughout the rep. In other words, DON’T STOP! Not even for a little bit! Complete all reps in this fashion with no pauses at the starting, ending, or midpoint of the rep.

For the hardcore pain-freak, try a wickedly high tempo of 30 counts for each phase of the rep. To make this effective, you’ll need to be using a lighter weight than normal. However, don’t wimp out and grab the lightest weight you can find without damaging your ego. Have some fun with it and find a challenging weight that you can normally perform ten or twelve reps with, then do between four and eight reps (depending on your ability) with this extremely slow tempo. Only for the true iron warrior, this will definitely get the muscles moving towards awesome growth!

The preceeding concepts are only building blocks for your body building routine. Feel free to change it up, add a new spin on it, or combine other elements. Overall, take the time to find your timing.

The most important thing is to find what works for you!