Bodybuilding – The Power Of Positive Mental Imaging

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We hear all the time of professional advisors, sports psychologists, and goal-setting gurus talk of the importance of positive mental imaging. From Dr. Phil, to Zig Ziglar, to athletes like Canada’s Kyle Shewfelt, the evidence is clear:

Positive mental imaging is one of the most powerful methods of moving towards achieving your goals

An article posted on “Yahoo.ca – News!” illustrates the importance of positive mental imaging in achieving goals.

Written by Jim Morris, the article goes on to tell the story of Kyle Shewfelt, a 22 year-old Canadian gymnast from Calgary who went on to win Canada’s first gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Near the start of the article, the writer quotes Shewfelt as he speaks of the childhood aspirations that today have become a reality:

“I was a kid when I started gymnastics and I had a dream…I did an interview once and said I wanted to go to the Olympics and I wanted to win…”

What struck me the most was the subtle comment I read a few lines further into the article. When talking about his dreams, he unintentionally lets us in on a secret that separates “good” athletes from those who achieve their best at the highest levels of accomplishment:

Bodybuilding   The Power Of Positive Mental Imaging

I have imagined that Canadian flag going up many a time. To have it actually happen, it was great…”

Therein lies one of the biggest keys to success – Imagine yourself as already having achieved your goals…

In terms of body building, this means seeing yourself as you want to be and believing that image as being true. In some senses it’s almost like lying to yourself about the future. However, for those out there that would question this type of behaviour, let’s realize that the future has not come to pass. So, anything that we say now about our future is an uncertainty that can only become a truth or a lie if we choose to realize the uncertainty and transform it into a reality – either in favour for, or against our goals.

I’m not out to make philosophical headlines or advocate some sort of disillusioned train of thought. But what I am saying is

The future has not occured, so why not imagine the future you’d like to have and work towards achieving it?

Positive mental imaging of your goals is a technique that works. If there is a doubt as to whether or not this is true, ask every single one of the athletes who have competed and won competitions at the highest level. Whether or not they are aware of their thoughts regarding positive mental imaging is besides the point – when you sit down and analyze it, the thought patterns of champions and those who achieve their goals will demonstrate that positive mental imaging works.