Bodyweight Exercises Easy like 1,2,3…


With a good workout, I think it’s a good thing to have a variety of different exercises to break you in. In this exercise I will show you what you need to do to get yourself jump started.

The exercises that are really good to do, people tend to shy away from, these are some of those exercises. Like we’ve stated before, always remember to stretch before and after each workout session.

Push-ups 25X

Chin-ups 5X 

If you can’t do a chin-up, you can try using the chin up machine at the gym, which helps you with the use of weights. With push-ups, if you can’t do 25 right off the bat try pumping out 10 a few times throughout the day. Remember these are just the average standard, if you are not there you will get there soon enough.

Bodyweight Exercises Easy like 1,2,3...


Another thing you would want to incorporate into your bodyweight workout is some cardiovascular training, like a 5k run which boils down to 3.1 miles. The average time for running this is 30-35 minutes, again sometimes that’s a goal your going to need to work your way up to. Start out by walking 1 mile, then running and walking 1 mile then build up going 2 miles, then working your way to the 3.1 miles. Running is specifically harder to push your body to do because you have to teach your body to run faster. To do that you have to gradually introduce it to running, by running a shorter distance, your getting your body used to running, then you can lengthen your goal while increasing your speed as well. Make sure to then take a long recovery and repeat. Try doing your cardio on the off days within your bodyweight exercises.


On these bodyweight exercises below you will need to take the number on the right and multiply it by your bodyweight to determine how much you should be able to lift. Before you start any workout, go over weightlifting basics to make sure you got everything down.On your one rep max or (1RM,) this is ideal for a beginner, if you are not quite there, just keep working your way up slowly until your body adapts.

So lets just say you’re the average 180 pound man, you should be able to lift or bench press the weight of your body once. Withsquats for example it would be 225 and deadlifts it would be 270 lbs. Now, this is the standard weight being used in an average bodyweight workout. Now, that you know how much weight to properly use, you can start pumping iron.