Breakfast Heart Healthy Recipes

Generally there is no particular choice of heart healthy foods for breakfast. Everything that is natural and is not overloaded with carbohydrates should be fine. On the beginning anyway you may be a bit confused what to eat for your first meal. First rule is: you don’t eat if you are not hungry! This means that some of us can easily skip breakfast and eat later.

But since many of us eat every morning, here are few of the best heart healthy recipes. In my view the best are eggs, white farmers’ cheese and other fermented milk products like yogurt, kefir or buttermilk. It is Important to eat heart healthy proteins with bit of fats and carbohydrates. Meats are perfect as well so if you have piece of meat left from dinner you can eat it for breakfast as well.

First Heart Healthy Recipe (my favourite) Farmers’ cheese with touch of oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, dried fruits (berries or/ and resins) and cinnamon.

You can add some walnuts, pistachios or almonds as well. You can add what you like as long as it is natural and unprocessed food. For example apple or any berries will do good job especially if you have any cardiovascular problems.

I always add some raw egg yolks and honey (raw or organic) to this recipe to make it richer in nutrients and healthier. Just put everything in a bowl and mix it all together.

You can eat this mix raw or slightly cooked (especially with oats) but I recommend raw because it has much higher nutritional value (oats you may eat sometimes but not every day. Once a week is ok). This breakfast will give you all of necessary proteins, enzymes, fats and carbohydrates to start next day.

Now, I will tell you about benefits of particular ingredients to make clear what you eat and why.

Farmers’ cheese. The best is full fat, avoid all of cheese called “light” or “diet” or…you know what I mean. Farmers’ cheese will give you all of proteins you need in unchanged natural state so your body will deal with it very fast. Natural and unchanged (unheated) proteins are what will keep your muscles and internal organs healthy and strong.

You can add a bit of oats to make this meal richer in minerals and some vitamins and for taste of course. In general oats are not the finest foods so eat them occasionally only.

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are 100% healthy loaded with minerals, vitamins and fats so they should be part of this heart healthy recipe, always. It goes the same with walnuts and pistachios. One handful of pistachios or almonds everyday can radically increase your health by reducing free radical damage.

Raw egg yolks are loaded with full spectrum of minerals and vitamins, proteins and healthy fats so they are very important part of heart healthy recipes for any of your breakfast.

Olive oil is a perfect source of monounsaturated fatty acids which are very important for your skin, muscles and blood. Always try to buy virgin olive oil which was unheated.

Breakfast Heart Healthy Recipes

Real butter is good source of vitamin A, D, E and K. Butter contain very good ratio of monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids and is definitely very healthy for your heart. Don’t try to fry using butter because it burns very fast and becomes poisonous. Beef Suet or beef dripping for frying is much better and healthier for your heart and whole body. Just make sure you have not hydrogenated dripping.

Coconut oil contains almost only saturated fatty acids so it is a good source of energy. But what makes it so healthy is the fact that it contains one very powerful fatty acid called lauric acid. Lauric acid has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties so it will keep many diseases out of your body and will help fight any cardiovascular problems. Coconut oil is a vital part of many heart healthy recipes and that is why you should buy it.

Dried fruits and fresh fruits like apples and berries contain phytochemicals, vitamins and pectins which are useful in fight against disease by reducing inflammation; this is very important propriety to fight arteries disease. They are as well very good and natural source of enzymes and carbohydrates. I don’t have to tell you that all of those nutrients are important for your beauty as well. Your diet is responsible for your skin, hair, nails, muscles, eyes, lips, legs and everything what you can imagine!

Scrambled eggs with bacon, tomatoes, spring onions and onions
It is very healthy and tasty recipe but must be done with care. You will do best if you use for cooking beef dripping or lard. Do not overheat fat, use low heat and start frying bacon first. When bacon is cooked (not burned!) add chopped onions and fry it for about 3 minutes.

Next add some eggs, chopped spring onions and sliced tomatoes and mix it all together and keep on pan for 2-3 minutes on low heat. On the end mix everything one more time and serve with fresh greens, olive oil and lemon juice (you can add some herbs as well).

Use freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. Heart healthy recipes like scrambled eggs are perfect for fast meal. It will take about 10 minutes to get done and ready to eat.

Very important is to not overcook eggs and other ingredients; eggs should be soft and delicate, not hard and “well done”. Well done eggs are not so healthy for your heart because fatty acids and proteins are heavily damaged. In overcooked meat products cholesterol changes from natural one to oxidised cholesterol which may be very unhealthy and dangerous.

Heart healthy recipes are prepared on low heat and only cooked on animal fats like lard, beef suet, beef dripping and eventually coconut oil (these are saturated fats which are less reactive with oxygen and more resistant to high heat so they will stay stable and undamaged much longer than vegetable fats).

If you keep your eggs, bacon and fat on low heat then you will get high quality and safe meal which is healthy for your heart. Of course any heat above 98 Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) will cause some damage to foods but the point is to keep this damage as low as possible.

History shows us that proper use of fire (heat) may be healthy for us. North American Indians, some of Mongolians and many more ate mostly cooked meats and vegetables and they were in very good health. Just don’t overcook!

Omelette with parsley, tomatoes and grated cheese
. Omelette is a next one from egg based heart healthy recipes which is perfect for breakfast. Just put eggs into the bowl, mix it carefully and put on a hot pan with hot fat. Add chopped parsley, tomatoes and cheese and cover it. Use as low heat as possible and check omelette every few minutes to make sure it’s not going to burn.

Board of cheeses with red and white grapes. My favourite heart healthy recipe made from fresh grapes and few different kind of cheeses. Very quick and tasty recipe which will give you power for many hours. You can use any cheeses; it is completely your choice.

I like mould cheeses because they contains lots of healthy microorganisms, enzymes and proteins. Brie, blue stilton, bavarian blue, barkham blue, leicestershire, camembert, gorgonzola and many more are the best choice for your heart. They taste the best when eaten with grapes. Grapes contain heart healthy resveratrol which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Kefir with fresh berries fruits and honey
is next perfect heart healthy recipe. Kefir contains very strong strains of bacteria which are beneficial for our gastrointestinal tract. If you mix those bacteria with beneficial phytochemicals and vitamins from berry fruits you will get wonderful heart healthy shake.

Our gastrointestinal tract is responsible for our good health so if something is wrong with it heart related problems are guaranteed. Gastrointestinal tract is a place in our body where the most important health related decisions are made every second. For example if you eat too many carbohydrates or other unhealthy foods you are promoting growth of pathological bacteria which are responsible for health damage.

Berries should be part of almost every heart healthy recipes. Honey should be eaten raw (unheated) because it will give you lots of enzymes which are necessary for good health. Every one of million chemical reactions in your body needs enzymes. I would like to remind you that only raw foods contain life enzymes so try to eat lots of them including egg, fish and meat.

Whole wheat rye bread with coconut oil, raw honey and cinnamon
I think that this is one of the most popular heart healthy recipes for sweet lovers. Whole wheat bread can be ok but must be made from whole wheat which is loaded with plenty of minerals and some vitamins. Coconuts oil will give antibacterial benefits, honey plenty of enzymes and cinnamon wonderful taste and aroma.

You can add farmers’ cheese to this recipe as well; taste is amazing I guarantee. Bread can be toasted if you like to eat warm food. As a drink I advice to take glass of full fat goat milk or make cacao and add some honey or agave syrup to taste.

Chocolate drink made from goat milk, dark cacao, honey or agave syrup, real butter and egg yolks
For me this is one of the best heart healthy recipes you can find. Goat milk has more minerals and vitamins than cow milk and what is even more important is it’s not allergenic.

Cacao is loaded with more than three hundreds chemicals which are beneficial for our body and brain. Cacao was called “food of the gods” and only kings were allowed to drink 100% pure cacao drinks. It has relaxing and anti-aging properties as well (but be careful because too high dosage of cacao may cause headache), that happened to me few times.

Real butter will add some calories and healthy fats to the drink. Egg yolks are necessary for proper mineral and vitamins content. Probably you are wondering now how to prepare this drink; it is very easy heart healthy recipe.

Place pot on very low heat and melt some butter (amount of butter is completely your choice, test what is the best for you). In the mean time mix goat milk, honey, cacao and egg yolks in blender and when everything is mixed properly add it to the pot with butter.

Gently mix drink and make it slightly warm. Don’t keep drink too long on a heat because proteins from egg yolks will coagulate and final product will be really poor. This drink will give you energy from high value fat and necessary nutrients for long time and that is why this is one of the best heart healthy recipes for morning time. It is very quickly digested as well.

Smoked mackerel with sun dried tomatoes, basil leaves and lemon
. This is next of very tasty and light heart healthy recipes which has everything what you need to start next healthy day. Smoked mackerel is very light and easily digestible and contains good portion of high value proteins and fat. Sun dried tomatoes usually dipped in olive oil are source of enzymes, some vitamins and phytochemicals.

One of the most important phytochemicals in tomatoes is called lycopene which is known to have strong anticancer and anti-oxidant abilities. Anti-oxidants abilities are the most important for everyone with cardiac problems. Basil and lemon is a great addition to this heart healthy breakfast.

Just put all of ingredients on a plate and add some lemon juice on the top of them. For better taste use freshly grounded black pepper and optionally touches of sea salt.

Raw thinly sliced salmon packed with egg, dill and soft cheese paste
This heart healthy recipe is one of the highest values possible for your heart. Raw salmon is ideal source of very healthy and easily digestible proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and some of vital enzymes. This is one of the best heart healthy foods you can imagine so you should eat more often.

Preparation is fast and easy. Just take one sheet of salmon and cover it with soft cheese, then add chopped dill, black pepper, sea salt and as a last layer, chopped medium boiled eggs (you can mix them before with olive oil and touch of fresh tarragon). When all of layers are on place then carefully wrap salmon and your roll is ready.

It is very tasty and healthy dish, 100% digestible and 99% toxins free. This is genuine heart healthy food for everyone who likes salmon.

Raw herring prepared with sliced red onions, parsley and tomato, lemon and garlic sauce with touch of apple cider vinegar
Following is one of the healthiest heart healthy recipes and is very tasty. Raw herring similarly to raw salmon is source of perfectly healthy proteins and some fats.

Parsley loaded with vitamin C, tomatoes with their powerful lycopene and garlic with anti-bacterial properties will give you strong healthy kick. Just cut herring into small pieces place it in glass bowl and add a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Then slice nicely red onions and add to herring.

Next step is to get most of garlic, tomatoes and lemon. To do that you have to use a bit of heat so take frying pan, warm it up on low heat, add small amount of beef suet or dripping and fry gently pieces of garlic.

Then add some chopped tomatoes and bit of lemon juice. Leave it for three minutes on a fire then place sauce in a bowl with fish and apple cider vinegar. Mix together all of ingredients and finely add some black pepper, salt and Provencal herbs for taste (you can use sweet red paprika as well). If you will find this recipe too sour use little bit of honey to brake it and give it some sweetness.

Every week I will add one or two heart healthy recipes for breakfast to this section. Remember to keep your breakfast small and light; don’t overeat. It is really enough if you will eat only to satisfy your so-called “first” hunger.

Some of these recipes are based on proteins and fats while others on healthy carbohydrates so you can choose what the best is for you. Your taste and instinct will lead you in good direction.