Breakfast With The Birds in Cairns, Australia

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Whatever you do, don’t miss this one

Of all the attractions I’ve experienced in Cairns Queensland Australia (and there are plenty at the Great Barrier Reef) this has to be right up there with the best of the best. Now I would not call myself a bird lover (Ive got nothing against them either) but this is one attraction I’m so glad I went to see. I was kind of indifferent about going. I imagined a forest floor type of setting where food would be served and a few birds would fly down from the trees and ‘annoy’ you while you had breakfast Breakfast With The Birds in Cairns, Australia

How wrong was I …….The correct title of this attraction is THE RAINFOREST HABITAT WILDLIFE SANCTUARY and claims to be ‘Australia’s leading enviromental wildlife experience’ and now that I have seen it, I don’t doubt it for one second!

This is a man made parkland, set in 8 acres of rainforest and has 180 species, 1600 animals and simply has to be seen to be believed.

After entering the parkland, which is very professionally built and immersed within the Wetlands environment where you will experience the symphony of sounds and colours of wildlife as they wander freely amongst the tables as you enjoy North Queensland’s best breakfast.

Walkways take you through and above the wildlife which includes, not only an enormous variety of birdlife, but crocodiles, pythons, kangaroos and koala bears and much more. I even found a stork. I had never even seen a stork before. I must get out more Breakfast With The Birds in Cairns, Australia

Breakfast With The Birds in Cairns, Australia

Breakfast is something else. It is at a restaurant called Curlew Cafe & Bar (after one of the bird species there) and is as good a buffet breakfast as you would find at many of the top hotels, complete with a complimentary champagne or juice.

While dining you are joined by an amazing assortment of wildlife which included, lorikeets, parrots, cranes, ducks, owls, curlews and many more that this converted bird lover has yet to learn about.

The visit took me over 3 hours, including breakfast, which I thought was pretty amazing for someone who didn’t really care whether they saw it or not. I have not stopped raving about this place since my return from Cairns, and when next in Cairns it is an experience I will be keen to repeat, and I mean that sincerely. Do yourself a big favour, when your next in Cairns or Port Douglas make sure you don’t miss this one. There is even a free guided tour.

Breakfast is from 8.00am to 10.30am and it isn’t necessary to be there right on 8.00am.

They have also started ‘lunch with the lorikeets’ but if you can schedule it in, go for breakfast, you wan’t be disappointed.

This is an award winning Advanced Eco accredited Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary and my only criticism was that I felt it was underpromoted, like a best kept secret.

Well the secrets out now, don’t miss it.

Breakfast with the birds is located just a few short kilometres from Port Douglas, which is 50min by car north of Cairns.

If travelling by car from Cairns, simply head north through Mossman until you come to the Port Douglas turnoff and there it is on that corner.