Brief History Of Solar Power

During 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovers the photoelectric effect using an electrode in a conductive solution.

50 years later Edward Weston secures a patent for “Solar cell”.

13 year later Nikola Tesla secures the patent “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy”.

Albert Einstein publishes a paper on the photoelectric effect in 1901.

1946 – Russell secures a patent for “Light sensitive device”.

1950 – Bell Labs start producing solar cells for space flight.

1958 – The U.S. Signal Corps Laboratories, creates the first n-on-p silicon solar cells.

Brief History Of Solar Power

1959 – Hoffman Electronics creates a 10% efficient commercial solar cell, the next year they create a 14% efficient solar cell.history of solar power, history of solar energy

1960 – The russian Soyuz 1 is the first manned spacecraft powered by solar cells.

1970 – Integrated Living Systems, co-develops the world’s first building heated and powered by solar and wind power exclusively.

1977 – The world production of photovoltaic cells exceeded 500 kW.

1980 – The University of Delaware develops the first thin-film solar cell exceeding 10% efficiency .

1983 – Worldwide photovoltaic production exceeds 20 megawatts.

1985 – 20% efficient silicon cells are created by the Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

1999 – Total worldwide installed photovoltaic power reached more 1000 megawatts.

2000 – 2008

Polysilicon use in photovoltaics exceeds all other polysilicon use for the first time.

New World Record Achieved in Solar Cell Technology – “40 Percent Efficient” Sunlight-to-Electricity Barrier is developed.

University of Delaware claims to achieve new world record in Solar Cell Technology without independent confirmation – 42.8% efficiency.