Brighten things up with super bright LEDs

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LEDs—or Light Emitting Diodes as they are also known as—are the tiny colored lights you always see in electronic equipment including household appliances, stereos, car interiors and toys. They come in a wide variety of colors like red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, white and even UV.

Light emitting diodes are not the same as traditional light bulbs, because an LED doesn’t have a filament; this is what causes most light bulbs to burn out. LEDs also generate very little heat, so they’re compatible with computers.
Brighten things up with super bright LEDs
To simplify what an LED is, it’s essentially made up of two kinds of semiconductor materials. The first type has too many free electrons inside while the second type has too few. So as an electron from one type of material is pushed across into tiny spaces in the other material, a particle of light is produced. LEDs are more complicated than this relatively simple explanation, but you get the gist.