Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore (BTRTS), A Place to Understand Buddhism

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One day I visited the museum located at the third floor of Buddha Tooth Relic Templeout of curiosity. I saw some ladies bathed small statue and pray at the entrance of the museum. Some of them told me that it’s a kind gesture that in reward they will get what they asked for. Well…believe it or not!

To me, the history depicted the journey of Prince Siddharta Gautama the son of Sudhodana – king of the Sakayas becoming a great religious teacher displayed here was the most fascinating.

And of course you’ll also see an impressive display of Buddhist culture artifacts inside the Museum.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore (BTRTS), A Place to Understand Buddhism

I was hoping to see the Tooth of the Buddha when I visited the Temple but had no chance to see it. You have to go to the fourth floor and wait for certain times to see the Tooth Relic though.

As you reach the roof top of the Temple, your eyes will catch colorful orchid surrounded the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda which has a large Vairocana Buddha Prayer Wheel.

Buddhist Prayer Wheel was originally a revocable book shelf for the sutras. This cylindrical book shelf had a central shaft for it to rotate, for easier searching for sutras; hence, called revolving scriptures. The revolving scriptures originated from ‘revolving pitaka’, which means turning to read the sutra – to read few lines at the start, middle, and end portions.

The earliest prayer wheel in China was found near the Yangzi River.

Basically, I was really impressed with the overall concept design of this Temple.

Conceptualized and designed by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao together with Yi Architects – local architectural firm, the BTRTS had been developed incorporating the best of Tang Dynasty and the Buddhist Mandala with great accuracy and authenticity.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 7:00am – 7.00pm (including public holidays)


Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic Stupa Curtain opening times:

  • 9 – 11 am
  • 2 – 3.30 pm
  • 6.30 – 8 pm

288 South Bridge Road Singapore 058840