Budget Travel In Europe

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Back Packing in Europe requires careful thought and planning. Careful planning and sticking to your original plans will save you loads of money!  Many travellers who return from Europe often complain of blowing their initial budget but if you look at the right places for budget accommodation, cheap airfares, and local fare, you would do well and not strain your pockets!

Budget travellers need not be stumbled by the high cost of  hotel-stays in Europe.  One can still visit Europe on a shoestring budget as there are plenty of hostels and cheap hostels for the budget conscious. Cheap Europe travel requires you to plan way in advance  as  budget hotels/ hostels tend to be  snapped up quickly.

Budget Travel In Europe


Hostels are ideal for interacting and for those who are ready to rough it out.  Ideally, one should be a member of hostelling international or hold an international student card which allows you great discounts.