Budget Travel Rome and “La Dolce Vita” with great prices for late deals

Budget Travel Rome – Rome has a reputation for being a hugely expensive city to visit. This is partly true, but it all depends on your tastes and your standards.

Travelling is such a joy that to truly see and enjoy a city such as this, you may need to put aside your penchant for 5-star hotels and private bathrooms.
For budget travel, Rome can be a bit of a challenge, but you soon learn to adjust your expectations when you realise what you stand to gain from your journey to one of western civilisation’s oldest cities.

To inhale its essence doesn’t cost a single euro, and to talk to the locals and make friends with other visitors may set you back the price of an espresso. But if it’s the sweet life – la dolce vita – you’re looking for, forget about shelling out your life savings on top-notch accommodation and overpriced dinners.

Budget Travel Rome and La Dolce Vita with great prices for late deals

Indulge in what makes a city great: its people, its atmosphere and everything that makes it different from where you come from. As concerns budget travel, Rome can be every bit as fulfilling as setting up camp at the base of the Himalayas and sampling yaks’ milk for breakfast.

There’s an easy to use search tool , and many of the locations have been rated by previous travellers. You can also display prices in a range of currencies, and see photos and room details for virtually every hotel.

Once you’re settled in, make use of Rome’s extensive public transport system that includes the Metro subway, plus trains and buses. As far as getting around is concerned, budget travel in Rome is a cinch. Just don’t go jumping into taxis, especially if they are not the bona fide ones with the illuminated white signs on top, or you could really be taken for a ride.

Try walking as much as possible. Investing in a second pair of comfortable shoes at home will save you money on fares when you arrive.

You won’t starve just because you need to embark on budget travel in Rome. A couple of slices of pancetta or salami slapped between two halves of a panini (bread roll) will sustain you through the afternoon, particularly if you’ve downed a fresh brioche and a bowl of milky coffee in the morning.

Fruit stands are not hard to come by so pick up a peach or a banana and be on your way with a full belly and satisfied taste buds.

If you’re wondering where to stay during your budget travel of Rome, there are some interesting suggestions to consider. You can actually stay in a Catholic convent, as long as you are prepared to observe the rules of the premises!

For budget travel, Rome is enjoyed by thousands of backpackers, students and savvy tourists every year.