Burton and Motorola new Audex jacket and helmet for audio ready snowboarding!

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Burton and Motorola new audio ready snowboard clothing electronics line! The Audex Jacket and Audex helmet incorporate form and function, with stylish new gear that allows you to use your mobile and listing to music while boarding.

Motorola and Burton have announced an amazing advancement in the world of electronics and snowboarding. The New 2007 Audex Collection combines technology and snowboard function by using wireless communications and music entertainment features.. and its all built into the snowboard jacket!

The built in Audex bluetooth stereo systems lets consumers stream music wirelessly from a compatible bluetooth enabled phone to the Audex jacket, so you can listen to music, make calls and its all controlled from the push of the button on the jackets sleeve. Outerwear styles that feature this system include built-in DJ-style speakers in the hood and/or an integrated headphone jack.

Burton Helmets

Burton’s helmet company R.E.D is also partnering with Motorola to make a series of helmet styles and beanies styles that feature bluetooth technology to allow users to use calls and music features from their mobile without taking of hats and helmets.

Burton and Motorola new Audex jacket and helmet for audio ready snowboarding!

When you have an Audex helmet on your head, you can plug in an mp3s player, or mobile phone, and listen and talk, the embedded headphones will also help to filter out outside noise, and wine, and there is also a microphone and stereo speaker system integrated. You also have flexibility in the volume control on the outside buttons and this is easy to use even with gloves on, you can chance the setting with a click of a button.