Business and IT- because you need more than technical ability

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The word on the street (figuratively speaking) is that technical computer staff with business skills are becoming more and more in demand.

Until recently I made the mistake of thinking of myself as ‘just a tech’ with no real interest in what drove the companies I worked for. I used to say things like ‘I just look after the computer systems, how the company is run and what they do isn’t my concern’.

I had absolutely no interest in learning how companies functioned, all I cared about was how networks ran and the technical side of things. I know now that was a big mistake because IT staff with technical and skills such as project management are extremely attractive to employers. I remember having to sit in on sales calls to explain technical jargon to sales people. I remember being told to barter with suppliers over prices and feeling very uncomfortable about it.

Business and IT  because you need more than technical ability

Now I am managing projects and junior members of staff to assist with those projects. As well as being the project manager I am also the technical lead. Project management and technical skills are very complimentary to each other.

If you have experience of these types of skills or can develop them to compliment your computer skills then to a potential employer you can do two jobs. Employers like to cut costs wherever they can and multiple hat wearing employees are valuable assets.

Unfortunately there are not many business and IT training routes or certifications around. One such certification is CompTIA Project+. This qualification specifically focuses on managing computing projects, it is entry level so you do not need extensive project management. I’d recommend it to anyone considering going into IT related project management and to anyone who wants to learn some elementary business fundamentals.