Buttermilk Bread Machine Recipe

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Try this wholemeal buttermilk bread machine recipe that we all enjoy!

Buttermilk Bread Machine Recipe

This is a half-white half-wholemeal bread recipe for breadmachines, producing a textured but lighter bodied bread with the buttermilk rounding it off nicely.

We chose a medium crust, and in this recipe the crumb came out lovely and moist, a filling mouthful each bite – fab!

This buttermilk bread recipe should be cooked on your bread makers standard wholemeal bread setting.

Recipes for buttermilk bread recipe: 1½ lb and 750g as follows:

Buttermilk Bread Recipe 1½ lb Recipe 1½ lb Recipe 750g Recipe
Ingredients/Units American Imperial Metric
Tepid Water ½ cup 4½ fl oz 150 ml
Buttermilk 1+1/8 of a cup 9½ fl oz 284 ml
Salt 1 tsp 1 tsp 5 ml
Clear Honey 1 tbsp 1 tbsp 15 ml
Strong Wholemeal Flour 1¼ cups 9 oz 275g
Strong White Flour 1¼ cups 9 oz 275g
Yeast 1¼ tsp 1¼ tsp 7.5 ml