Buy Diamonds – Common Sense – The 5th “C”

To buy diamonds using some excellent consumer friendly information could save you $2,000.00 or more and could even save you from an outright fake diamond scam.

By now you should have a pretty good understanding of the gem trade’s four C’s from following the rest of these tutorials. All you need now is to put it all together into a meaningful way using the fifth C – (Common Sense) to buy diamonds.

Buy Diamonds? – Making Sense Of It All

Even so, applying common sense isn’t easy but ultimately it all comes down to budget. If you haven’t set a realistic budget already then now’s the time. Remember to allow enough money for the setting – it would be a shame to buy a crisp icy diamond and then set it into a less than perfect setting.

It goes without saying that a perfectionist will always to buy diamonds of the highest quality and a bargain hunter is always prepared to compromise to get the best deal. The rest of this article will concentrate on sorting the best from the bargains from the “don’t bother”.

It’s all summarized at the bottom of the page for those of you who can’t to wait to see how much of a hole in your finances a diamond will make – she’s worth it right Buy Diamonds   Common Sense   The 5th C ?

Which Color grade Is Best?

The perfectionists should buy diamonds of grades to D through G and these diamonds will command the highest prices. Bargain hunters will find the best bargains in the K through M grades and although color compromise is evident it shouldn’t spoil the diamond too much.

Buy Diamonds   Common Sense   The 5th C

Buy diamonds in the to H through J grades and the color probably won’t be noticeable even to many so called “diamond experts”.

Don’t forget about fluorescence as most strong fluorescence will spoil the clarity and color of a diamond. None to light or faint is acceptable in the near colorless grades.

Which Carat Weight Is Best?

Carat is difficult to quantify in terms of what’s best as it’s entirely a matter of personal taste and wealth. A diamond’s price rises exponentially with carat – thus the price per carat for a 1 carat diamond might be more than twice the price per carat for 4 quarter carat diamonds!

Most people think that a 1.5 carat diamond will look twice the size of a .75 carat diamond, but this is not so, the 1.5 carat diamond will look larger but not twice as large. As a general illustration a one carat round diamond is approx. 6.5 millimeters wide (not accurately shown on a computer monitor) and will look amazing when set into a platinum ring setting.

As for the bargains, buy diamonds that fall in the sub 1 carat range between .65 carat and .90 carats.

Which Clarity Grade Is Best?

Buy Diamonds   Common Sense   The 5th C

Perfectionists should buy diamonds in the FL through VVS2 grades and as always the best bargains are further down the scale, even an SI2 grade could be acceptable because the inclusion/s may not be visible to the naked eye.

Which Cut Is Best?

Cut is a most important factor to consider that can either tie the whole thing up in knots or set the whole thing free.  A very good to ideal cut can help to hide coloration and flaws on a lesser quality diamond and it will bring out the very best in high quality diamonds.

A poor quality cut will lack brilliancy and sparkle and will generally mean that the diamond has been optimized to carry more carat weight. So the idea is to stay well away from the worst cuts when considering larger (1 carat+) diamonds as size is no guarantee of satisfaction.

For example: If faced with a choice of a poorly cut 1.15 carat diamond and a well cut .95 carat diamond of similar quality it would mostly be better to choose the smaller stone.

Don’t forget to take symmetry and polish into account as these will also affect the finish or “make” of the cut and affect the overall quality of the diamond. Remember! It’s always the retailer/jeweler who gives a description of the cut because most diamond grading certificates don’t actually grade the “make” of the cut.

It’s you who’ll have to decide whether the jeweler is making an accurate description by comparing the diamond grading certificate against a table such as the one shown below

Buy Diamonds   Common Sense   The 5th C

Perfectionists should buy diamonds with ideal and premium cuts but extra perfection is available in an ideal hearts and arrows cut which exhibits amazing symmetry.

Very good, good and fair cuts offer best value for money if you’re willing to stick to good or superior clarity and color grades. If you have opted to buy diamonds with less quality of color and clarity then choose to buy diamonds with a premium cut or ideal cut as a superior cut will help mask less fine color and clarity graded diamonds.

Summarize It

When it comes to the bottom line, personal preference and budget play a big part in the selection process, only you can buy diamonds to suit you.

Having a table like the one above will help make the decision a lot less painless but think of it as only a guide – nothing’s set in stone (pardon the pun). A mix and match policy is an ideal way to select or buy diamonds that are in tune with your needs.

Buy Diamonds: Who Are The Best Diamond Jewelers?

We honestly believe that to buy diamonds at the best possible price with the best possible service and security requires the best online diamond jewelers.

We have selected three of the best who each stock thousands of different diamonds for you to choose from.  Even so, figures show that 85% of male web surfers seeking to buy diamonds and engagement rings use the internet to research the subject and then decide to buy diamonds offline from a diamond jewelers in their local area.

3 Online Jewelers


Mondera offers an unparalleled history in fine jewelry and easily competes with others on price, quality, service, security and educational materials offered on the site.

Mondera is a family owned business steeped in fine jewelry history going back as far as 1890. The Mouawad family has made fine jewelry for royalty and famous stars for many years and there is even a campus named after the father of the company, Robert Mouawad, at the Gemological Institute of America’s headquarters in California.

Mondera offers the famous hearts and arrows ideal cut as its flagship diamond and every one sold comes with a free “hearts and arrows” viewer so that you can be sure that when you’re buying diamonds from them, what you order is what you receive.

A BIG thank you goes out to Mondera! My fiance looked around at all of the local jewelry stores for the perfect diamond for me. He looked high and low, and found it very difficult to come across a HEART shaped diamond, especially over 1 ct. Once he looked on your website and researched your reputation, he went ahead and ordered my beautiful 1 1/4 heart shaped loose diamond from you… I could not be more proud of my diamond. I get more compliments on the sparkle, and the originality on this ring than I could have ever imagined!.

Your service was great, and we will definitely be using your site in the future!

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the leading online diamond jewelers in its class and offers toll free phone support and customer inquiries. This is no brick and mortar chain store with thousands of staff and related industry to support, so rest assured their prices are amongst the keenest we’ve seen.

They offer free insured shipping via fed ex and their credit card processing is 128 bit secure for purchases of the highest security. They also offer financing and after purchase insurance should you require it.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase or something unexpected crops up, they offer a secure 30 days in which to return your purchase. The site is easy to use and we especially liked the sliding buttons to help narrow down the options and choices.

They have a complete educational suite should you need more help or alternatively ask to speak to a consultant over the phone or email your questions to them, they are only too happy to help.

For quality, service and price, Blue Nile cannot be beat! After much online and local merchant research I realized very quickly that Blue Nile couldn’t be beat when considering quality, price and service. The selection, information, and functionality of Blue Nile’s web are heads above their online competition. The quality and price of diamonds they offer at local merchants is truly embarrassing when compared to Blue Nile. Blue Nile has become my “one-stop-shop” for all of my future diamond jewelry purchases. Joseph, BROKEN ARROW OK – April 2003

Ariels Ice Store

It doesn’t matter what color diamond you want, we kid you not from blue to pink to colorless these guys are diamond specialists! It doesn’t stop there because the platinum ring selection is just amazing – for pity’s sake don’t let her see this site you’ll never get a minutes peace.

They are also purveyors of fine gemstones such as sapphires and rubies so there is something here for all tastes and pockets but whatever you do, don’t miss the Ariels Ice Store out!

Ariels ice Store doesn’t have a shopping cart for buying online, so your credit card information is very safe.