Buying Plus Size Lingerie

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Don’t skimp when you buy plus size lingerie. That’s one thing I never enjoyed buying, although I always had to spring for some good plus size bras. Wow! The prices are unbelievable! Still, a good bra is sooo… important! This is where there is absolutely no cutting corners. Find a good plus size bra and get them in every color. There are great minimizers out there that can make you look as if you lost 10 pounds. I also have a good plus size bra with adjustable straps. It can be worn as a halter, strapless, or just as a regular bra. It may not have the support of a regular minimizer, but I actually like this bra, especially when I need special straps. You can also put sparkly straps on it or invisible straps. Another fun thing to play with. This bra is available in black, white, or nude.

There are other items that are just as important, though. Lots of those little shapers can take off so many pounds while smoothing out any lines! They are now making them so light and comfortable, you barely know you have them on. This isn’t exactly and every day item, but they’re great for special occasions or with certain clothing which calls for very smooth lines. Some of them actually claim to take you down a dress size. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure. I got one and it did seem to help, but I’m not so sure about the dress size! So, as much as you may hate to buy plus size lingerie, it’s worth the investment.

Buying Plus Size Lingerie

When you’re watching movies, do you ever notice how women will start undressing and everything is matched up and coordinated. It looks so impressive. I suppose it’s only TV and not real life, but still…. I never got into that because, how often does anyone really see your underwear???? Well, maybe not too often, but when they do….how nice it is to have beautiful matching lingerie. Also, it just feels good when you know it’s there. So, the bottom line here is…invest in some nice, beautiful matching lingerie. And make sure it is something that gives you some smooth lines that make your outerwear look good. So be sure to buy plus size lingerie and splurge where it counts.