Cakes, celebration, variety and taste

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What better for any celebration than a well-baked and decorated cake.

I’m not talking about big occasions here as in weddings, funerals or britzkas.

Personally I have never needed a particularly good, or indeed any reason at all to start baking, and of course eating cake.

Getting up in the morning has always seemed enough of a reason to me.

Baking cakes, far from being serious cooking has always seemed to me to be more of a fun thing.

By that I don’t mean that the craft and ingredients of cake baking are not important, or should not themselves be taken seriously, just that I think that baking cakes is good fun.

You just have to look at a few Christmas baking recipes to see what I mean, fun cake designs are what I feel baking is all about, and some cake decorating and design ideas can border on the truly bizarre, certainly with some of the Halloween cake ideas I have seen.

Although cake designs are often fun, some, such as cake decorating for weddings require a high degree of expertise, also some Christmas cake designs can be very complex.

Cakes, celebration, variety and taste

Some cake designs for weddings in particular.

Indeed some photos of perfect wedding cakes look more like sculpture than cookery, cake decorating and design can seem more like art than craft.

Indeed there could be a gallery of exotic wedding cakes. At least they make Halloween cakes seem simple by comparison.

But what of simple homely cakes the old fashioned pound cake, the angel food cake, the Victoria sponge, the ginger bread cake, the fruit cake, the carrot cake these are, in my opinion the best of all.

For all the finery of the highly decorated and technically challenging cakes, what could beat sitting by the fire on a cold winters night with a hot drink and a good slice of the best fruitcakes money can buy , a home made one.

The best gingerbread cake recipes, chocolate cake recipes, carrot cake recipes, pound cake recipes and especially cake for the more nervous cook, cake mix recipes are simple and uncomplicated again good ingredients and a little care is all that you need.

Some Christmas cake recipes, wedding cake recipes, black forest cake recipes, and fruit cake recipes can be a bit more work, but it’s not rocket science just follow the recipe carefully and you’ll be fine, so have fun, after all, that’s what it’s all about.